…For us to be able to get some peace…to have a chance for a reset…

Thank you for sharing Sawsan.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes indeed

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  2. So heartfelt and moving ❤️🇺🇸

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  3. Amen, Amen, Amen. I think crying with relief, with hope, to read those words today was all our reactions. God bless America. God equally bless all those who look to America for her friendship. There’s hope, now.

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  4. My daughter called me this morning in tears. She had just watched this clip. “There is hope,” she said.

    And the tears keep flowing. And with every tear that falls, hope rises.

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  5. I’ve started breathing again properly for the first time this week. Much work to do, but thank God we have taken the first step….

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  6. To click on “like” doesn’t even come close to what this means. My family is multiracial…. I worry every.single.day when my daughter leaves our home. Every single day.
    Today, though, I spy a hope.

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  7. You’re very welcome, David.
    He said it all.

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  8. And the whole world sighs 😌

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  9. A country celebrates! It is very moving to see the large numbers of young people out in the streets tonight. They’ve worked hard for this moment.

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  10. that was powerful and sums up how a lot of us feel…
    thanks for sharing…

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  11. Nice.

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  12. Incredibly moving and so true. Joe Biden is Joe Robinette. I wish him the best. So many have died because of irresponsible behaviour.


  13. I became addicted to your election to the point it knocked my sleep pattern – I watched the Van Jones response live across the pond on CNN NBC and CBC – be in no doubt the impact your incumbent President has had internationally I hope our PM follows suit – Brexit is toxic and counterproductive….

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