One Word.

Source: Boulder Weekly


  1. this is it.

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  2. Every one counts!

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  3. You do amuse me…

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  4. Sending all good things from the north 🌊💙🤓 smiles hedy

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  5. well, as (obviously) I can’t do anything about the voting, I was commenting (or wanted to) to the Wednesday upload, your Caleb Day!
    And what I meant to say was:

    The FAST version. Can’t wait for tomorrow, there’s a VOTE to deliver!

    didn’t quite work, page has disappeared, I wonder why…. LOL – either C made it or you realised the ways of error…. 😉

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  6. instead of making it look like a fist bump, it may have been more appropriate if the word vote was on someone’s elbow… 🙂

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Like never before … because our lives literally depend on it!!

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  8. As many times as possible! 🙄 Wish I could.

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  9. We voted last week…in our living room and then the sweet hubster dropped them in the Official Secure Ballot Drop Box…

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