Feel that sway…

As a boy, Picasso liked to draw by candlelight.

He had already intuited that the moving shadows cast by the light would instill a feeling of sway in his work.

~ Colum McCann, Apeirogon: A Novel (Random House, February 25, 2020)

Photo: John Taylor


  1. There wd be so much to say about that man, most of which goes wahaaayyy beyond this blog…. so I just thank you for your quote – and wishing all your readers a great day. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. a natural artist who saw things others didn’t

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    PICASSO … ‘ the moving shadows cast by the light would instill a feeling of sway in his work. ‘ Colum McCann, Apeirogon: A Novel (Random House, February 25, 2020) …

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  4. Amazing talent. As a human being, well, perhaps not so much….

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  5. Christie says:

    Picasso created at least 50,000 pieces of art…I prefer his traditional paintings…the still life of perfection with amazing light…given the time and place of his birth, initially I would think that candle light or lantern would be the only source of light in the evening…his intuition or should I say innate ability to recognized movement within with in light especially when the light is fading creates a veil and perhaps a mood of mystery…can cast an otherworldly direction upon his cubist/disjointed subject…in present day a person can be tested for spacial and mathematical ability I wonder what that type of testing would reveal about Picasso? He started creating at such a young age (3 years old) while his brain was still in development, an early impact of immersion of art, color, shape guided by his artist father, expanded his minds inner sight, he looked at the every day so differently, his observational skills fine tuned, due to this early expansion of an area of his brain…I do like some of the colorways in his abstract and cubist pieces…color reveals…and his paintings speak… (what I’ve written is so debatable since my opinion is subjective and I do not know anything about he man, just what I interpret from viewing such a small representation of his body of work)

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  6. I feel a sway when I stand

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  7. Oh to be able to see things in such a delightful way.

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