Did you know giraffes hum at night?

~ Jessica Francis Kane, Rules for Visiting: A Novel (May 14, 2019)



  1. Not surprised. Animals are amazing.

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  2. Me too! Although Andy says it’s snoring…😉

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  3. peaceful meditation

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  4. Relax... says:

    How darling is that?!

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  5. You have to read that linked article and you must listen to their ‘gentle snoring’ – that’s what it sounds like to me – the pinacle of cuteness! And a book I definitely will put on my wish list (not that anybody in this world wd know about it – even I forget it regularly) – I will put the book in my basket and then shift it out on the shelf for later perusal…. if and when it will appear in Europe.
    Awesome giraffes, is there anybody who doesn’t love them?

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  6. Yes, it’s good to know that all of us hummers are not alone! 🙂

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  7. Happy Friday, David!

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  8. My guess it this ukelele clASSIC, “

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  9. Oops! IU’ll try again: My guess is they hium that ukelele classic, “Honolulu Baby”, the Olivwer and Hardy version of which starts at 0:30 in this video:

    It’s just the sort of song that would get stuck in yourt head and keep you up all night himming…

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  10. Hmmmm. I too wonder what song they hum. Perhaps it’s Flanders and Swann — the Hippopotamus Song! 🙂 Don’t we all want to wallow in Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud?

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  11. Any particular song?

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  12. Christie says:

    Perhaps the sweet, beautiful giraffes vocalizations have to do with being social in finding a potential mate? or they are lonely or maybe they are trying to familiarize themselves with the topography of the land…mice actually sing -to woo their mates, some of their vocalizations are audible to humans and some are not (ultrasonic)…people sign to calm themselves…if I was a giraffe and I was trapped in a zoo I would call out in lamenting pain of isolation… ///there were times when non-Indian children were taken by native Indians to raise as their own and many years later upon the non-Indian children being reclaimed the people didn’t know which birth parents the children belonged with…when women started to sing the children gravitated toward the sounds that they remembered…I know that there was an instrumental theme song I listened to when I was pregnant and one day I was nursing and that song starting playing in the background – my sweet baby immediately stopped nursing and turned to the music…undeniable to me that she remembered the sound from her days of being in utero…Sounds, vocalizations, speech and hearing All Miracles… PS: I remember seeing a photo of a giraffe in an African national park that would visit a tourist lodging house at meal time and putting its head through the dutch door…I loved the photo…

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  13. Christie says:

    Yes, that photo too…always makes me smile…

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  14. Alan Malizia says:

    Surprising. I thought they we silent creatures.

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