Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

When poet Donald Hall met with sculptor Henry Moore, he dared to ask if Moore believed that there was a secret to life. The response astonishes: “The secret of life,” Moore answered without flinching, “is to have a task, something you devote your entire life to, something you bring everything to, every minute of the day for your whole life. And the most important thing is- it must be something you cannot possibly do.”

Imagine the courage behind these tasks. By what sacred story are you living? What task have you set for yourself? Can you tell your life story, accomplish your task, from where you are?

If you’re uncertain, turn over in you mind philosopher Alfred North Whitehead’s reflection that “religion is what we do with our solitude.” Where your heart wanders during those chambered moments will show you the direction of your true longing. We speak of God and geniuses and heroes and sacred sites, but these are only names for the ineffable mystery of the force behind something our souls long to be in touch with. No practical philosophy explains this urge. It is a force from the mysterious shadow world that may in turn long for us.

~ Phil Cousineau, The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker’s Guide to Making Travel Sacred

Source: Thank you Make Believe Boutique. Portrait via Phil Cousineau


  1. I have pretty high standards as to ‘How to live my life’ myself, but such a demand / claim for our life is a tad too sophisticated for me… or maybe I’m already too tired and hot!

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  2. the thing that is impossible for us to achieve keeps us alive in the eternal pursuit of it.

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  3. Something to really think about. I shall have to reflect now.

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  4. Wonderful ponderings, David — thanks for putting this little bug in my head.

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  5. “By what sacred story are you living?
    What task have you set for yourself?
    Can you tell your life story, accomplish your task, from where you are?”

    It does take loads of courage to answer these questions. To be honest with oneself!

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  6. I just roll with the flow of life, taking each day as it comes

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  7. I balked at the “something you cannot possibly do” bit. If it’s your passion, if you think about it/work at it every day, then you ARE doing it. Maybe you never finish. Maybe each “doing” opens 12 more doors that must be walked through, maybe you’re clumsy and unskillful. But all that is part of the doing.

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