T.G.I.F.: When?

Source: Kelsey MacDonald @writeskelsey


  1. When indeed, pal. It’s no uncommon for me to momentarily forget what I had for dinner last night. Not ok. What IS the rush, anyway? (BTW, love the new photo header!)

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  2. like comets streaking by in our sky.

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  3. WLS…all of it.

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  4. Oh, around 50.

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  5. The blink of my eye, the older the faster!

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  6. Days, weeks, months, years….they all seem to run together!

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  7. And when I had these same thoughts, I sold everything and moved to Spain. I knew I needed to slow down.

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  8. It’s been too fast for as long as I can remember. But it’s getting faster 😔

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  9. Hmmm… When? When time began? 🙂

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  10. January needs to get back to its hibernating roots.

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  11. The faster January goes the better. For, then, spring is just around the corner.

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  12. I realised it when I visited Tuscany. When people asked me what I preferred about Italy – food or wine? I said, the rhythm. I think I need to go back.

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