1. “Even-toed ungulate in the genus Camelus, bearing distinctive fatty deposits known as ‘humps’ on its back” day? Just a wild guess! [

    Text quoted directly off Wikipedia….]

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  2. Amazing juxtaposition day!

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  3. Fabulous photo day!!

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  4. I know what day it is! 😀 Have a good one!

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  5. Oil country definitely has a different skyline!

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  6. Such contrast. Wow.

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  7. Wonderful! Made my day. MZ

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  8. The rising dune, gave way to a rising skyline…wonder where the red legged herder is taking the crew of eight?

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  9. Off to give the tourists a ride.

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  10. I keep getting the reply that the video is no longer available. I’m not the kind who does well with not being able to enjoy what sounds wonderful…


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  11. a pack of camels and Red boots 🙂

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