Kerstin Kuntze, 50, is from Cologne, Germany. She is an artist who uses photography melded with graphic infusion.  She explains in Saatchi Art:

“…and most of all it’s about passion. Picture making has always been an internal compulsion; my first urges began as a child, “I was always drawing” – these impulses continuing through to the present. My search for the internal brilliance of subject matter drives me. My artwork displays a wide range of emotions embodying colors from darkest black to fieriest red. I sincerely desire that my passion and the intensities of my emotion will be conveyed through visual creations touching you in a personal way. There are a myriad of reasons to create – this quest has become my life.

Don’t miss her entire series: WaterPassionº



  1. breathtaking and moving. it is not just another …..swimming under the water photograph!!!
    passion and emotion – for me will always will out over the ‘checklist’ for technical perfection. wonderful artist, David.

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  2. this photo bursts with energy on every level –

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  3. Mission accomplished!

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  4. Fantastic series! Thanks for sharing, David. This kind of art is something I’d love to try my hand on whenever I’ll be able to dedicate some real time…perhaps in retirement 🙂

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