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Photo: A U.S. service member salutes her fallen comrades during a memorial ceremony for six Airmen killed in a suicide attack, at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan on Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015. The deadliest attack in Afghanistan since 2013 killed six U.S. troops on Monday, including a family man from Long Island, New York; a South Texan; a New York City police detective; a Georgia high school and college athlete; an expectant father from Philadelphia; and a major from suburban Minneapolis with ties to the military’s LGBT community. They were killed when their patrol was attacked by a suicide bomber on a motorcycle near Bagram Air Base, the Defense Department said. (wsj.com: Tech Sgt. Robert Cloys/U.S. Air Force / Associated Press)



  1. My tears seem inconsequential – so much heartbreak, pain, disbelief, fear. And I keep asking ‘why’ and there is no answer that is working for me.

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  2. Mimi has summed it up perfectly….

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  3. Evil, brainwashed, psychopathic … and many more words to describe the motivation behind such carnage.

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  4. overwhelming.

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  5. Your title for this post is on point. Too much.

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  6. Images like this are much more poignant now that I have two sons in the Marine Corps. These people are real to me now…

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  7. I would have reblogged but apparently that setting is not turned on…

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Nothing positive has EVER come out of war! It’s so much loss …. everywhere you look!! Too much indeed!

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    Images like this mean much more to me now that I have two sons in the Marine Corps and one headed into the Navy. Despite how you feel about the government or its policies, the military is made up of real people who are offering their best and putting it on the line every day and in every way…

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  10. We regularly have suicide bombers here too. It’s a terribly destructive weapon; not just from the losses, but also to our confidence in going about our daily lives 😦

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  11. Yet 6 more young Americans killed in a senseless war we have absolutely no business being involved in in the first place. We are being led by a political class that wants us in a constant state of war, a war they personally have no real stake in. No family, no children in the military. How do we allow this???

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  12. I didn’t want to read the names…but I did. I needed to see the names of those who gave their lives… I have a 32 year old friend who is in Afghanistan, again…up in the mountains but he does get called back to other areas…I sent hand warmers, feet warmers, homemade (by me) peanut butter fudge, with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips and dried fruit from Trader Joe’s to him and his fellow soldiers in a box for Christmas…other friends contributed other items items, too…once another time when he was in Afghanistan while talking on the phone which was on speaker he said opps gotta go, being shot at..you could hear the incoming shots and he put the phone down and you could hear him and the others firing back…my prayers went up as my heart cried…

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  13. Happy Holidays, David and group! I’ve missed all of you!

    I read this after I read the post about the typical American Christmases of old. Reading about the sacrifices real people and their families make cause the way Christmas is celebrated these days as even more frivolous.

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