Take me there…



  1. It really is magical. The entire time I was there, I thought,”This can’t be real–it’s just too picturesque…”

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  2. Mmmmmm

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  3. Can I come with you guys????

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  4. i’ve been drawn to this place, over and over. i plan to be there.

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  5. Mesmerizing…I don’t get to use that word too often !! ☺

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Awesome …..

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  7. Thanks for featuring my work in your blog. Flattered!

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  8. Me too!

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  9. Beautiful! Write it in permanent ink on your bucket list, David.

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  10. Oh, that nothing will ever mar the blue of that sea! Even the credits were beautiful.

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  11. The serenity of the Greece in the video is such a contrast to the turmoil of Greece in the news.

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  12. Stunning!! I visited Santorini for a day back in 2007. It was definitely not enough time. I need to go back.

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