A chasing after wind, indeed.


Paul Kalanithi, MD, was a Stanford neurosurgeon who was diagnosed with lung cancer in his mid-30s. Here’s an excerpt:

[…] Everyone succumbs to finitude. I suspect I am not the only one who reaches this pluperfect state. Most ambitions are either achieved or abandoned; either way, they belong to the past. The future, instead of the ladder toward the goals of life, flattens out into a perpetual present. Money, status, all the vanities the preacher of Ecclesiastes described, hold so little interest: a chasing after wind, indeed. […]

That message is simple: When you come to one of the many moments in life when you must give an account of yourself, provide a ledger of what you have been, and done, and meant to the world, do not, I pray, discount that you filled a dying man’s days with a sated joy, a joy unknown to me in all my prior years, a joy that does not hunger for more and more, but rests, satisfied. In this time, right now, that is an enormous thing.

~ Paul Kalanithi, Stanford University neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi, died on March 9, 2015 at the age of 37

Don’t miss the entire article in the Washington Post: Before I Go: A Stanford neurosurgeon’s parting wisdom about life and time

Thank you Elizabeth.


  1. Life is precious. His story is a wonderful reminder to be present and not to watch the time, but rather embrace each moment fully. We never know when it might change.

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  2. Among life’s greatest challenges, I think, to live in the here and now, to appreciate the little things, to revel in simple moments. This piece touches my heart in many ways….

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  3. Beautiful story…..

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  4. Be present. Live for now. We are all moving towards death after all. Such is life.

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  5. tears but what a beautiful realization and peace.

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  6. to be that… yes.

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  7. Much wisdom in this post.
    One who lives his life with charity, forgiveness and mercy has not a worry.

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  8. Deborah Hart says:

    Words to live by, worth reading and taking note.

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