Transfiguration (aka Wow)


“Photographer Ben Hopper‘s “Transfiguration” project transforms his subjects into living sculptures. Each photo is charged with kinetic energy, only heightened by the bold streaks of body paint and splatters of white powder. Some of the photographs look like cubist paintings because of the contrast between black, white, and human flesh along with the seemingly impossible angles and feats of flexibility performed by the subjects. The body paint looks almost like strokes of charcoal, creating depth while also the illusion of two-dimensionality.”


Don’t miss 34 other incredible shots here: Transfiguration – Ben Hopper’s Blog

Source: Precious Things 


  1. OMG! (aka OUCH!)

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  2. Amazing!

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  3. wow is right. i had to look at this for a long time, and it hurt the more i looked at it – amazing!

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  4. Fantastic!

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  5. beautiful

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  6. WOW! Thank you dear David, have a nice weekend, love, nia

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  7. I am inspired! Thank you 🙂

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