Fink: Looking too Closely

Fink, aka Fin Greenall, is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and DJ.  He was born in 1972 in Cornwall, grew up in Bristol and is currently based in Brighton, UK.  His mother worked in the field of classical music and his father was a folk musician. Fin can recall “the one thing of his dad’s that Fin Greenall wasn’t allowed to touch was the old Martin acoustic guitar.” In an interview, Greenall remembers “It was his one possession where he said, ‘everything in this house is owned by everybody – apart from that.'” Their presence had an impact on his future in music. “The great thing about growing up in a house where music is a big factor… was the fact that music being part of your life was a perfectly natural thing.”

Find this tune and his 2014 album on iTunes here: Hard Believer

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  1. Those Martin guitars are indeed special. My dad had one, although he never played. I had no idea of its worth, nor did anyone else in the family. At age 15, while at summer camp, someone offered me $1,000 and his guitar for the Martin guitar I had. So glad I said no thanks. It’s a 1927 Martin parlor guitar, which I still have.

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    • Amazing story Debra. Thanks for sharing. How did your Dad happen to come to own one?


      • His Great Aunt was a musician. She taught piano, played the pipe organ at the Methodist church and owned several other instruments that I assume she played. When she passed away we inherited a few of her things and the guitar was one of them. My father, not being inclined to play music, had no idea what the guitar was worth.

        My Aunt Bunny was one cool lady and inspires me to this day. She traveled extensively, never married, collected interesting things like postcards and wore mens clothes back at a time when that was truly rogue.

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  2. Love this

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  3. An old Martin caught the hubby’s eye recently, and he went in the shop just to touch it.

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  4. Very it

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  5. Reblogged this on Makere's Blog and commented:
    Sunday morning… Thank you

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  6. You introduced me to this wonderful artist a while back and he’s everywhere I am now–on my iPod, on my Pandora station, in my car, in my heart. Part of my Life’s Soundtrack now. Many, many thanks, David.

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  7. lovely and calming.

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  8. I love your music selections and introductions, Thank you dear David, love, nia

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