Jep Gambardella, Brilliant.

Here’s the critic’s leading selection for the 2014 Oscar Foreign film of the year. And what a film it is. Introspective. Astonishing cinematography (EYE CANDY). Overwhelming.  And, Toni Servillo, oh what a performance. (The movie is long…strap in.)  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • NY Times Review (5/5 stars): “thrilling ode to sensibility and to some of its linguistic cousins, like sensation, sensitivity and sentiment.
  • (4/4 stars): “Servillo, a theatrically-trained actor, makes Jep arresting. He’s like an Italian Tom Wolfe. You hang on his every word, even when you’re about to hear something gossipy and mean-spirited, because you know it’ll probably be true, or at least well-said…You are overwhelmed with information, but each scene is constructed with such care and attention that it’s easy to miss that each new scene elaborates on Jep’s latest theory or dilemma. His character arc is engrossing because it’s not just full of complex ideas, thanks to the screenplay, but visual beauty as well, courtesy of Luca Bigazzi’s cinematography”


  1. i loved this film. the great beauty was all around him and his quest was to find it again after he had forgotten how and where to find it. i loved the message and the beautiful shots, the love letter to rome, throughout this film. my date hated it from beginning to end.


  2. I agree with you, Servillo is absolutely amazing and also with Ksbeth as this is actually a love letter to Rome. I am going to write about it in case we win 🙂


  3. DEFINITELY on my list of must-sees


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “La Grande Belleza” …. foreign film …. nominee for Oscars!!!


  5. I was captivated by this movie during first screening at a movie theater. I bought the DVD version as soon as it came out for a second and possibly third screening – first movie DVD I ever purchased incidentally


    • Hi George. I understand. I’ve rarely watch a movie twice. This one, on the other hand, deserves, 2, 3, 4 sit-downs. Glad to seen the movie won Best Foreign Film last night.


  6. Another good one… 🙂




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