Girls. Grit. Gold.


Canada: 3. USA: 2. OT. Gold medal game.
What a game!

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  1. AWESOME!!!

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  2. yes it was a great game, dk, congrats to you and your ladies !


  3. Such a great game. Congrats to Canada!

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  4. I guess we can say that today, the hockey gods were on our side!!…this is not mine, I heard that on Société Radio-Canada…but I think it does describe it well! I hope they still be with us tomorrow and Sunday.

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  5. CONGRATULATIONS! Great game. We received the Silver Metal.


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  6. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    Go, Canada!

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  7. What a comeback! 2-0 for US and within minutes, 3-2 Canada. Just so awesome. Proud to be a Canadian!!


  8. edward onofrio says:

    bummer. thought the usa girls had it


  9. Uh huh.


  10. Congrats, DK!


  11. A thrilling victory!!! Though I’m not sure why everyone is congratulating you? Um, no one congratulated me for the women gymnasts last summer. 😉


  12. yay Canada-Meghan Agosta is from Ruthven which is a village in my hometown of Kingsville–(Kingsville is also my municipality hence we take in villages). I am so mad at myself for forgetting to watch but it probably would have been too much for me considering we were losing for a great deal of the game


  13. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat; I can feel both. Great comeback.


  14. What a game!! The 4 days with no gold was the calm before the storm!


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