August Winds

“This tune is from Sting’s 2013 album titled The Last Ship, his first album of original material since 2003. The Last Ship is also the basis for his late-2014 Broadway production. Sting grew up in the ‘50s during the dying days of shipbuilding in his town, which was dependent on it. The local industry finally collapsed in the 80’s. Now Sting pays a tribute with a song cycle heavy on Celtic sea chanteys, acoustic instrumentation, and somber, hard won truths. A lilting song such as “August Winds”, is where Sting is at his purest.” (Source: iTunes)

Find this song and his new Album on iTunes at this link.


  1. I really enjoyed this, David … thanks for sharing, it is very beautiful …


  2. Thanks, David, for the info. I love Sting.


  3. i’ve loved him ever since i can remember. and perhaps, before.


  4. Oh, good heavens. How do I NOT have this CD? Bless you for pointing out an unforgivable hole in my tunes. I am rectifying that error immediately.


  5. Time to download!!!


  6. Absolutely love Sting! I could listen to his voice forever. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Reblogged this on Makere's Blog and commented:
    Sting. Unbeaten.


  8. Finally got to listen to this. Love it, thank you David! Reblogged on Makere’s Blog


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