Thomas Saliot

thomas saliot

Thomas Saliot, 45, is a French painter who lives “between Marrakech and Paris.”  He has been painting for the last 20 years.  Thomas allowed me to share a few of his stunning works in this post.  Find Thomas’ web site here.  See more of Thomas’ paintings below.

Thomas Saliot - Intense - portrait

Thomas saliot - blue freckles

Credit: Thank you Tenderheartmusings for pointing me to Thomas.


  1. I like his style. Very talented man.


  2. Wonderful! The faces are so evocative – I am awed by talent like this.


  3. The expression he captures in the eyes is amazing! And I’m sorry, but living “between Marrakech and Paris,” what’s not to like?! 😉


  4. these are lovely


  5. Beautiful! 🙂 And I love the way he does the light in his paintings. I love light in art, makes the whole thing come alive. I’ve tried it on mine – I haven’t risen to that talent yet! 😉


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