Pool Party Here This Afternoon


“Comfortable chairs are set into a pool’s shallow-water section, sometimes called a sunning ledge or a ‘flooded deck,’ rather than around the pool’s perimeter. Similar designs also add a water feature called a ‘bubbler’ that give a soothing or whimsical touch. The design for this Manalapan, Florida, pool is by Marc-Michaels Interior Design.”  You can have your own for a mere $275k.  (Yes, that’s just for the pool. Home, view, land are extra.)

See other pools @ wsj.com: Home Pools Take on a New Splash.


  1. A mere $275k…yeah, right…not a snowball’s chance in hell in this lifetime. Can I join the party though???


  2. I was thinking to myself *just* this morning.. “Lori, you’ve got to find *somewhere* to spend that $275k that’s been burning a hole in your pocket! Wait a minute, I know what I can do with that!! I can install a flooded deck!” And then *Bam*, I don’t even have to hunt for a plan–it’s deliverable to my inbox by my best pal, Dave. Yep, life is good. TGIF!! 🙂


  3. I think it’s so so generous of you to invite us all to your house…when are you sending directions? Can we bring anything?


  4. Don’t forget me! 🙂 Actually I am in D.C. right now and heading out to Montepulciano for a couple of weeks to go to immersion school…. Ciao!


  5. That’s a good use of $275K, Tina! Brava!


  6. Can I sign up on on the installment plan??


  7. I want to go with Tina!!


  8. I am on my way towards your house for *The Party* 😉


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