Chocolate. Now. Full Stop.

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Todd Masonis, the co-founder of  Dandelion Chocolate, a beautiful little chocolate factory/shop on Valencia Street shares some tips on tasting chocolate in a post titled the Art of Tasting Chocolate Mindfully.  Here’s a few excerpts of his tips (along with my editorial comments of course):

1) “The first step is to slow down. Before you rip apart the packaging and dig in, take a moment to read about the bar…Chocolate makers think through countless decisions and this is our opportunity to share our perspective. Even the physicality of our packaging should draw you into the chocolate experience. In our case, the handmade cotton paper should feel soft. Like our bars, the slightly imperfect screenprinting should reinforce the touch-of-the-hand craftsmanship that goes into each of our bars….”  (DK: Really.  Slow down, huh?  Hmmmm. Let’s try step two.)

2) “After that, gently unwrap the bar and take a look at it. Flip it over, look at the sides. Does it have a nice shine? What about its color? Is the back smooth or rumpled? Do you see any wavy patterns which might indicate that the bar didn’t release properly from the mold?” (DK: Flip it over?  How about rip the packaging and flip it into my mouth?)

3) “Next, break off a small piece and note the snap. Does it crumble or pop? Is the break clean or ragged? The snap indicates the temper — the alignment of the crystal structure in the cocoa butter –and a poor snap can often mean a mistake or improper storage, or even a different style choice.”  (DK: I’m not hearing any snap in my mouth. Sounds like a gulp to me.)

4) “Now place the small piece in your mouth. Take a tiny bite to break it into a few pieces. Let it start to gently melt on your tongue. Now move the chocolate around your mouth and coat your tongue, but avoid chewing. If you eat it quickly, you’ll miss the tasting experience that makes each bar origin unique…”  (DK: If you eat it quickly, you can get to the next piece faster.  And btw, it is coating my tongue, lips and fingers.)

5) “Once you’ve listened for these flavors, swallow and wait a few seconds. Notice what tastes linger — how does it finish? Is it pleasant or harsh? Does it leave you wanting more or wishing you had some water to wash away the aftertaste?”  (DK: How does it finish? Damn good.  More?  Come on.  I’m running to the cupboard…anything will do…I’d even gnaw on a Hershey’s unsweetened baking chocolate bar at this point.)

 Read the post.  Wonderful.  The Art of Tasting Chocolate Mindfully @ Zen Habits

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  1. David, don’t do it! You’re down nearly five pounds…don’t do it! 🙂


  2. can I still like this post if I think the chocolate ice cubes are wonderful ( don’t know who makes them) , and that hershey’s chocolate bar with almonds is a close second 🙂


  3. Hershey’s unsweetened baking chocolate bar? Really??? Lol!


  4. Haha


  5. To save yourself from consuming the calories you could always taste and taste and taste and then spit it out rather than swallowing. Repeat as necessary. (But, I know, that’s taking all the fun out of getting fat.) If we’re going to put on weight, might as well enjoy it.
    Better yet, don’t even buy any chocolate and save yourself the pain of trying (unsuccessfully) to resist temptation.


  6. My husband’s passion…chocolate 🙂


  7. Laughing! My favorite one is: “How about rip the packaging and flip it into my mouth?” :)This article without your comments would have been an Asian dish without salt. (And I don’t need to explain the significance of Salt’s presence in a dish).


  8. There is no way I can savor a Milky Way by slowly unwrapping, sniffing, cracking, and considering its various ingredients. Chocolate. In my mouth. Now. I don’t profess to be a connoisseur. 🙂


  9. OR you can tear part of the wrapping [foil included / all in one move], aiming at the middle of the bar and dig in, leaving nice teethmarks! Stop for a second to reflect “was it good?”, then sigh “oh yes, oh yes” and repeat first step after removing the rest of the wrap!
    Makes you wonder though, what kind of people are “tasters”…


  10. Reblogged this on Wholeheartedness and commented:
    Ahhh. Zen and the Art of Chocolate! 😀


  11. Or you can skip 1-5 and just dive right in.


  12. All good in theory. Application is a whole ‘nother Hershey bar.


  13. So, how was the packaging?


  14. love the contrast of the chocolatier and your comments 🙂



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