Wiggle your toes. Can you feel it? (Bliss)

toes in grass-bliss

Source: Themetapicture.com


  1. this summer I’ve purposely gone barefoot at home — in the garden, the yard, on the patio, across the pebblestones around the pool. Why? Takes me back to being a kid. The pure delight of green grass on bare feet is not to be missed!



  2. Always love a fresh, cut lawn!


  3. I think her joy must be so delicious – for who knows how long it had been since she had the delight of grass tickling her toes. I am barefoot far more often than not, and grass is designed to make your feet giggle.


  4. “grass is designed to make your feet giggle.” Brilliant! 🙂 and a wonderful photo….


  5. Definitely a good example of bliss.


  6. oh, yeah…..


  7. Seems the most simple things in life give us the greatest joy! 🙂


  8. Nice David. The unfortunate part of living in Texas is that you can’t enjoy being barefoot with all that slithers and crawls ;-(


  9. Ohh…pure goodness. I look at the photo and wonder…did she ask, or did the medical staff person just know? Hmmm?


  10. What a touching picture!


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