Thank you Colddeadheart for pointing us to more great music. “Seabear” is an Icelandic seven piece indie-folk band from Reykjavík, Iceland. Although hailing from Iceland, they sing primarily in English. Here’s “Cold Summer” to decompress on Hump Day…

Cold Dead Heart


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  1. David, I have meant to ask you this question for awhile. Are you familiar with the radio station ckua? It can be located at You have such eclectic taste in music that it might be a good fit. I am a diehard blues fan and they have some serious blues on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, but it is pretty broad-jazz, indie, old rock, folk/roots etc.

    Take care,



  2. William Butler says:

    Greetings David,
    Instant fan! Have you heard of “the innocence mission” or “the Milk Carton Kids”?
    They’re two of my favorites.


  3. You’re just way cool pal, that’s all there is too it..


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