I would have caved. I HAVE caved over and over and over again in similar situations. This was a terrific story. And a learning moment for me. Thank you Michael for another excellent post.


  1. This is a great story – and what brilliant idea for problem resolution when someone puts an issue on your shoulders that isn’t yours to carry.


  2. Excellent post, thx for sharing David. I, too, suffer from the “accommodate” gene and have caved many times. Michael’s solution is an excellent alternative and really does put the onus on the right part to make the change happen… Gonna keep this one in my back pocket for the future! 🙂


    • Yes, Lori, I’m with you. Now, only to execute. Now, change the picture a wee bit. Let’s say the man with the seat request has crying child – a good man – looks like he’s exhausted. And Mom is sitting with 2 children. Task to push the obligation gets tougher. I’m confident I wouldn’t get the lay-ups in the these situations – yet, I believe Michael is squarely on point.


  3. David,

    Thanks for sharing Michael’s post. I really enjoyed reading it. I love how he handled the situation.


  4. Great post David, and thank you for leading me to Michael’s blog to follow. Have a great Tuesday!


  5. Thanks for reblogging Michael’s post. What a great way to handle a problem like this. I’ve met people like the ones he dealt with on the plane. They seem to think their own comforts should come before anyone else’s no matter what. They want all the privileges and none of the responsibilities.


  6. I am with you on caving. Been in that situation many times. I shouldn’t but always wonder what the people around me are going to think if I don’t help…especially when they are all staring at me with anticipation like its a game show. Great blog as I have learned a polite way of handling the situation and will try it next time I am put I that situation. Thanks Dave!


  7. I love this! It taught me a great lesson that I can use to help others. David, thank you for sharing Michael’s excellent post!


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