There’s real power to simply being honest when so many people dance around the truth…

Reuters: “In an age where seemingly everyone…now blogs, tweets and leaks news stretching the truth has become de rigueur. But I’d argue that it’s creating distrust; it’s also distorting the way that we see the world…There are so many costs to a culture of spin. It’s kind of a situation of mutually assured destruction. There’s a real power to simply being honest in a context where many people are so often dancing around the truth. There’s an integrity that comes with that, even if the reward for having integrity isn’t always immediate. We’ve developed a strong ability to deceive others and a poor ability to detect deception in others, and the cost of both is huge. Meanwhile, the commitment to telling the truth is purifying in many ways. You’re often humbled to discover what the truth is, and that you can be a better person.”

Making a case for more candor at start ups: Reuters

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