Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

When something doesn’t find its place… we have to move other things. We have to make room, I think.

—  Samanta Schweblin, Seven Empty Houses. Megan McDowell, Translator (Riverhead Books, October 18, 2022)



  1. …or it will make room without our input

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  2. it will happen with or without us

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  3. Definitely. ‘Murder will out,’ as the bard observed. Heard the author interviewed on NPR recently and couldn’t decide if I wanted to pursue this one or not….

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    • Stories were definitely interesting. I finished it. At the end of the day, I always hate saying that I can’t recommend, especially with someone with this kind of talent. I’ll just say it wasn’t for me.

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  4. Very talented, but from reading a few stories at one link, it’s not for me, either.

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  5. Hugely talented. But from hearing the review (link), most definitely not for me.
    I need uplifting reading, not fodder for nightmares.

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