Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

SD: Your character has an interesting mix of appearing very powerful but also so very vulnerable.

CB: Yes. We’ve all got those dualities. We spend have of our lives in the middle of an confidence trick of pretending we’ve got our sh*t together, when in fact we don’t. The world and being alive is full of nuance and gray areas…

SD: Do you have self-doubt?

CB: Yes! Right now I’m full of it. Of course.

—  Cate Blanchett, on “Tar” and the Art of Transformation (CBS Sunday Morning, October 2, 2022

If youtube won’t play in your location, try this link here.


  1. Truth! Pretty sure we never lose our self-doubt. 🤨

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  2. Ah Cate…somehow when she describes my glaring neurosis, it sounds like a good thing..

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    Waiting on this to come out!! … Cate Blanchett, on “Tar” and the Art of Transformation (CBS Sunday Morning, October 2, 2022.


  4. Everything about Cate is so appealing! What animates that persona must be especially complex and developed.

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  5. Damn these CBS videos that don’t upload in my country.

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  6. I absolutely adore Cate Blanchett and have admired her ability to ‘fake’ any language/accent before. The minute I got that link on my laptop I read and viewed that – and of course, this being a film about music, it’s already on my ‘must get when the occasion presents itself’ list. It will certainly be shown soon in Switzerland and as this is the ‘international’ region of Zurich, it will not be dubbed in German, but played in the Original with subs…. so looking forward to it.
    PS: I found other quotes quite remarkable, apart from yours. It’s interesting what every individual ‘sees’ and takes from an interview.

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  7. Just got around to watching this. Breathtaking! A chameleon who never ceases to amaze. She has such a towering gift, and yet has clearly maintained a sense of modesty and humility. I admire the hell out of her….


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