Binge Watching. No comment as to you Aussies and Kiwis.


“Netflix knows the exact episode of a TV show that gets you hooked. A sample:

  • Bloodline — Episode 4
  • Breaking Bad — Episode 2
  • Grace & Frankie — Episode 4
  • House of Cards — Episode 3
  • Mad Men — Episode 6
  • Orange is the New Black — Episode 3
  • Sons of Anarchy — Episode 2
  • Suits — Episode 2
  • The Blacklist — Episode 6
  • The Walking Dead — Episode 2

The episode that Netflix names as the “hooked” episode is the global average, but it found some local variations. “The Dutch, for instance, tend to fall in love with series the fastest, getting hooked one episode ahead of most countries irrespective of the show.” On the other hand, “members in Australia and New Zealand [got] hooked one to two episodes later than the rest of the world on almost every show.”

See full article and list of TV Series at the Verve: Netflix knows the exact episode of a TV show that gets you hooked

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  1. I’m a total outlier. The only TV Series I’ve watched in the last couple of years is Welcome to Sweden 😉

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  2. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    Not addicted to Netflix but on TNT it’s Major Crimes for me….

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  3. How many times have I said this before clicking to the next episode. Breaking Bad may have been the most addictive series.

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  4. Uhmmm, and at what episode do Italians get hooked ?? There must be some Dutch blood running in my veins, I guess. 😉

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  5. The only series that got me hooked was Lost, but hooked I was. I’ve watched the whole series twice and a thrid viewing is not outside the realm of possibilities.

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  6. Have you watched all of those?

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  7. they have it down to a fine science to maintain us as Spectators! lure us in, keep us guessing and invested into the characters’ lives.

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  8. I watch so little TV, but my middle daughter has got me hooked on the Netflix series, Peaky Blinders. As a matter of fact, she is getting te next episode now.

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  9. Okidoki Mr Kanigan. The Aussies here down under, are so busy in the great outdoors, swimming, running, and surfing… We don’t really have time to watch such trivial addictive shows. Hence the results. Ha 😛😎😎☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

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  10. Okidoki Mr Kanigan. The Aussies down under are so busy in the great outdoors, swimming, running and surfing, we don’t have time to watch such trivial addictive shows. Hence the results ha ☀️😎☀️😎☀️

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  11. Where is your Like button 🙂 Thanks and Love, nia

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  12. I’m addicted to American Ninja Warrior though I watch it the old fashioned way–one week at a time. Did you watch the video about the fight scene in Daredevil at the end of the article? It was interesting and this line stuck with me, “violence takes a toll on everyone, even the ones who win”.

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  13. The only show I binge-watched was Lost…just to catch up to the madness after I missed the first year. I can see how easy it would be to get “lost” in many of the above series. My daughter doesn’t get cable TV, and seems to do this all the time. It’s the way of that generation. ☺

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  14. I’ve heard of some of them..never watched any of them…never watched anything on Netflex. I heard some football playing in the background today..someone who lives here has made me the aka: football widow..sports widow, yup. .. 😉

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  15. Commitment issues

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