Character 101

Jon Stewart

This Jon Stewart quote reminded me of another by Chekhov:

“There should be more sincerity and heart in human relations, more silence and simplicity in our interactions. Be rude when you’re angry, laugh when something is funny, and answer when you’re asked.”

– Anton Pavlovich Chekhov



  1. It’s too early for my rant on the impact technology has had on honesty in relationships. I will say though that I have that Jon Stewart quote archived as well – brilliant. Not me, that is – the quote.


  2. I like this very much–sets the tone for the week….


  3. Right. It’s not what we say but what we do that defines us.


  4. Right on.


  5. Alex Jones says:

    Damn right!


  6. Chekhov liked to party too


  7. Love this. Dave. Living with integrity brings so much peace and contentment, but it is not always easy to do. (I think I value healthy eating, but ate a lot of junk all weekend.) I was tested and failed! I suppose my healthy eating is more a hobby. Back on track today. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.


  8. my2twobits says:

    Reblogged this on My two bits about life and work.


  9. Following Chekhov’s advice could make for some regrets on the anger advice.


  10. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    A values-based life is one that has touchstones along the path. We know who we are and where we are headed even though the next step is unclear. Know my values.


  11. Love it! :)) This made me smile so thanks…wisdom in a nutshell :)…Love Dawny Xxx


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    Great quotes; both of them…


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