Want to grow – you need feedback. Here are three sure-fire questions that work.

Want to improve?  You need to get “unvarnished” feedback.  Yet, we often don’t ask for feedback because we are afraid of what we might hear.  Or, asking the question: “How am I doing?” puts the shoe on the other foot – – it shifts the discomfort of giving feedback to your colleague who is either uncomfortable in sharing it or is unprepared to do so.  I’ve used these three questions several times over the past few weeks in large group meetings and in one-on-one sessions – – and it works…

Three Questions to Get the Feedback You Need

No leader improves without feedback. But getting people to be honest about your performance isn’t always easy. Give your team a way to supply you with the candid information you need to change by asking them these three questions:

  • What should I stop doing? Ask which behaviors stand in your way of success.
  • What should I keep doing? Inquire about what you do right, and should continue to do.
  • What should I start doing? Once you’ve stopped unproductive behaviors, you’ll have more time and energy for new behaviors.

Harvard Business Review: Management Tip of the Day


  1. Joe DeRosa says:

    Dave, I use these questions too! I’ve received great feedback as they provide a tangible starting point for the person you are seeking feedback from. The age old “how am I doing” is far to general, generic, and easy to answer…or get out of answering if you know what I mean!


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