Gadget Man Takes Inventory. Men and their Toys.

I was in South Florida this week on a business trip. I’m dragging my wheeled carry-on through the airport. And lugging my briefcase in the other hand – puzzled why it seemed to be so heavy. After unraveling a snarl of cords and cables in my bag on the flight (with accompanying 4 letter encouraging words), I committed to take inventory. Enough is ENOUGH. Once I arrived at home non-essentials were to go. So, tonight is take-briefcase-inventory night. (Insomnia raging). Excluding my business files and paperwork, here are the “electronics” in my briefcase:

  1. HP Calculator.
  2. Blackberry.
  3. Blackberry Power cord.
  4. SecurID password generator
  5. Laptop.
  6. Laptop Power Cord.
  7. Laptop Wireless Card.
  8. Laptop Back-up Battery
  9. iPhone
  10. iPad/Iphone Ear Buds.
  11. iPad.
  12. iPad Portable Keyboard
  13. iPhone/Ipad Power Cord.
  14. Flash Drive.

I even shocked myself. One has to ask, WHERE IS THE (MY) SANITY.

Oh yeah, as an aside, I forgot to mention 1 other gadget I missed on the list above. For this Florida trip, I bought a new Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2. What an amazing piece of electronic equipment! The controls are simple. (I didn’t even open the manual). It pairs quickly to my Blackberry and my iPhone. The volume adjusts automatically as external noise levels change allowing you to hear callers better and for callers to hear you better. The bluetooth pairs to my iPhone music automatically. It is feather-light – 0.5 ounces – that’s right 1/2 of an ounce. And the earpiece magically stays in your ear and without irritation. And the damn thing works as advertised – on train, on plane, in car and in the wind. Expensive, yes, very. But, it has become my new indispensable electronic toy.

So, back to the bag cleaning. I put the Bose headset in my ear – it snapped to attention pairing to Bob Seger & Night Moves on the iPhone.

I then stared down at all the electronics inventory that I pulled out of may bag.

Conclusion. I need ALL of my gear. We’ll rationalize the inventory another day. No need to rush into these things. Just sayin’



  1. App store has an HP12c app for your iphone & ipad. That’ll save about 14 ounces of weight in your bag.


  2. Bose head phones are worth every one of the many pennies they charge (I have the over the ear model). At 220K air miles in the past 18 months (and counting) they are essential gear for the air. They ALMOST, drown out screaming babies.


  3. I wish I could compose like you. Your statement Gadget Man Takes Inventory.
    Men and their Toys. | Lead.Learn.Live. has pushed me to get
    off my butt and get some word out to the world. You have boosted my confidence just by writing so well.


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