I grew up in Ootischenia, a small town in British Columbia, Canada – population of 500.   I grew up fishing, playing hockey and tormenting my younger brothers.  Under firm parental guidance, I learned the “life trades” of discipline, work ethic and execution.  Fast forward more than 20 years of working and leading in large U.S. corporations, here I am.  A husband.  A father.  A leader.  A manager.  A grinder.  A reader.  A learner.

As Craig Harper states, “genetics aren’t optional but what we do with them is.”  I believe that being a life long learner is core to an inspired life.  Life is about growth and realizing our own unique potential.  Inch by Inch.  Day by Day.

I’ve arrived at mid-life.  It’s come shockingly quickly.  And perhaps it’s not a coincidence that it has come along with a better appreciation of the wonder of nature, the beauty of art and the magic of music.  This realization has come late, but it has come.  I read a passage in a book by Paul Pearsall titled “The Beethoven Factor: The New Positive Psychology of Hardiness, Happiness, Healing, and Hope” where he stated that cancer survivors who thrive (“thrivers”) dig deep to see the world and their experiences in a most human way – and you haven’t lived the day if you haven’t laughed heartily and cried freely.  I’m trying to live a similar life – and share some of these “ah-ha” moments or inspirations that make me wonder, make me laugh or bring tears to my eyes.

Why Blog?  I think Seth Godin captured my inspiration for blogging when he was asked why he blogged.  He said “if you are blogging for other people you are going to be disappointed…even if no one would read it, I would still blog…this is a great chance for me to clear my thoughts and put them into the world, what an opportunity.”

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  1. Thank you for doing this. Hoping all is well.

    • Art Wasson says:

      You are the most dedicated person I know in all you do. When the heck do you have time to blog!

      Good luck! I look forward to reading about what makes you tick.

      Best regards,


  2. John Wilkins says:

    Well done Dave!
    Always inspiring in many ways.

  3. Don’t know if you remember me, Dave, but we crossed paths at Citi. A Chicagoland colleague shared a few with me and I’m now an avid reader. Given my role at Women & Co., I am particularly enjoying your blogs relating to women and girls. You inspire all of us to keep climbing the hill! Happy holidays!

  4. I love the reason for blogging that Seth Godin gives and you have embraced! Thank you!

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  7. Hey, David, thanks for dropping by the blog. Seems we are kindred souls, wanting to impart wisdom to those who desire a word of encouragement which is so needed in the hectic pace of life. Be well.

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  14. God bless you. Thank you very mutch David.

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog. What ‘Seth Godin’ said about blogging is so true.

  16. Love this page….you have caught my attention. Sounds warm and inviting. Look forward to seeing more.
    Best wishes

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    I love the simplicity of your blog yet the powerful and passionate message which comes through. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog. I appreciate it.

  19. Nice. I like your visin and focus keep it up. You are inspiring me to make sure I blog and express my thoughts here!

    “Those who believe in personal accountability. Those who seek continuous improvement and improved personal productivity. Those who, like me, seek an “ah-ha” moment…or some inspiration in nature, music, art or in any other creation or achievement…or even a laugh to keep it all in perspective.”

    I am on a personal quest to really become a person of action and self improvemnt.
    Keep it up!!!

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  21. david — i just wanted to congratulate you on a fantatic blog…. love matthew collier

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    Thanks for visiting my blog David. :) Really appreciate it. Keep on writing these inspiring posts. The world needs positivity! ;)

  23. I agree wholeheartedly with “the secret of blogging” being about writing for yourself whether anyone else reads it or not. I’ve done the “blogging for the other guy” thing and it went unread and unnoticed. When I really started blogging for my own enjoyment, entertainment, and edification that’s when it “hit”. I think what resonates with other people is authenticity and truth. If people want something written for ‘the audience’ there are an endless number of scripts out there to be read.
    Looking forward to reading what you have to share. :)

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  38. A blog, filled with inspiration. Thanks for finding me, David. And even more thanks for leading me here!

  39. I never cease to be amazed by the individual uniqueness of each of us, and the realization that this is what makes us so uniquely common.

    Lead.Learn.Live. ?

    Sounds like subjects they should teach along with the three R’s.

    See ya’ in the blogosphere :-)

    BJ -aka- Xmatman

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  47. Thank you for reading and liking my new post. I just finished reading a lot of your work. It is very inspirational. I could not agree more, inch by inch, day by day, goal by goal. It is great that your own blogging “therapy” can also inspire so many others. Keep up the good work!

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  49. Another great post, David. Thanks for all you share through this blog!

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  51. Inspiring post David. Continuous improvement is definitely something I live for, it gives us so many choices, experiences and achievements :)

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  55. “I’ve come to better appreciate the wonder of nature, the beauty of art and the magic of music.”
    Agreed! If only we had educational systems and societies that enabled everyone to do these things at a young age we’d have a very different world. Glad I stumbled upon your blog – looking forward to more browsing around.

  56. Hi David! Just had a wander through your posts and really enjoyed! Thanks fro liking a recent blog of mine, We have much in common, we both love to learn and are from the coasts of Canada. I from the east and you from the west! Looking forward to seeing more of you in the future.

  57. That is so true that life is about growth and realizing our potential.

    I like this post, it’s very inspiring and well written.

    Greetings from Kaya

  58. The mind is the battlefield :)

  59. Thanks for taking the time to read (and “like”) my blog on teambuilding, it is much appreciated … and great to know that someone else likes what I’m writing.

  60. I’m with you on this! If only I could come up with this..

    I am not the greatest but learning how to take ideas and thoughts and write them down in a clear and effective manner.

    I hope that blogging will help me develop this skill.

    Thanks for doing your posts!



  61. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ve just read a few of your posts here, and really like them. Thanks for the inspiration. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

  62. Great ideas here! And thank you for liking my blog too (gallerycatsandhens). All the best with it – I, like you, would still blog even if no-one read it! For me, I find it very therapeuatic!
    here’s to blogging!

  63. Thank you man for checking my blog out, OMG you are pretty awesome too, I like yours too. We should keep in touch, my best Regards..

  64. Fabulous Blog… Love your bio… and yes I blog for myself… it became my space between corporate life and my eat, pray love year and now creating a business….

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    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post – interesting to read your take on creativity and potential. I am thinking more about that at present.

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  69. Thank you for the support on me staying positive..Just taking a break from studying..My brain is pretty much friend so here I am back at wordpress ;)

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    It was so kind of you to stop by my blog. I find the amount of people you have inspired inspiring in itself. Thank you!

    I will visit from time to time…

    Kerri :)

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    This is a phenomenal blog; a solid dose of some much-needed inspiration.

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  73. I had never read that about Seth Godin blogging for self (above, in ‘About’); but that’s exactly what I was telling my daughter this afternoon when she asked me why I blog. Several years ago (2003) I started a Yahoo Group revolving around Ambient Music. It was merely a repository for cool things,links, artists, sites, etc. Then 1 person joined, then another (presumably via search engines). Today it has 140+ members, mostly ambient recording artists & net.label owners & I get most of my music at no charge (!) – but that was hardly the goal.

    Now I have several blogs: 1 for running, 1 for ambient music, 1 for leadership, 1 for Apologetics, 1 that parallels my Twitter feed & 1 I created for my kids to do homework: Homework Blogger – easy for me to track & forward to school if forgotten (heh, the “dog’ can’t eat it anymore).

    Blogging helps refine my thoughts and express myself. They’re synched with my Blackberry to that stray thoughts on the road can be “sent” to my blog and extrapolated later on or over the weekend.

    And, even if no-one ever reads them…I’ll still blog.

    ;- )

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  75. Great Philosophy David! It is best to write for the love of writing.

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  79. awesome blog. seth godin. yes. i couldn’t agree with him more about blogging. look forward to reading your future posts! :) -ames

  80. very true I have told people the same thing. If you are blogging for others instead of yourself and your own thoughts…not good

  81. Thank you David for the visit and liking my post about Old Barn by Ronneil Camara Photography. I love hos photographs and he promised me more pictures. Happy weekend. :)

  82. I absolutely loved your blog! I just sat down and read some 20 odd posts. You are so good at what you do :)
    I started a blog some 5 days back and if there is some parameter I want to see myself reach in an year’s time or so, it is Your blog here.

    Carpe Diem.

    (From http://thepoeticallyincorrect.wordpress.com/)

  83. Enjoyed this and your other words of wisdom! I am new to wordpress. After sending many on journeys around the world I took one person’s suggestion to begin to blog. As I enter the next chapter in my life this seems like a worthwhile adventure thus far.

    Thank you and Good Luck in all you do!

    allysonjoyof travel

  84. Hello David,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! As I was reading your “About” statement, I was resonating to the part about writing the blog even if nobody is reading it. I started out that way, and even though I knew nobody was reading it, it served the purpose of propelling me to make good on all the things I said I was going to do. It still does…but now I have an audience.


  85. I’m really enjoying your blog, and slowly working my way through it.


  86. Great blog.=)

  87. Dave, thank you for appreciating my blog. I enjoy your philosophy and will enjoy reading about your leadership journey. I like the reflective process, and I like to know what other people think. I particularly enjoy having a different type of conversation with people I speak to day to day, out side of the blog. We communicate in a more focused way in writing. I also love hearing from people who I remember from years ago. They joys of having been around for a long while.

  88. David, I nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger award. Check it out : http://monahoward.com/2012/03/25/very-inspiring/

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    Believe it or not, I came across your blog through Pinterest. After perusing your site, I’ve enjoyed your inspiration, quotes and insight. Thanks for your dedication and materials you’ve been able to find!

    Aurelia Ann

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  94. Really nice blog thanks for sharing!

  95. This is my first time here. I just popped in to read your about page. I identify very much with the reasons you blog. Affirmation is nice, but it is not what motivates me to write. That I do to meet myself. And I literally, at least weekly, learn, remember, or recognize a part of me I did not, before I wrote it down.

  96. I too started blogging for me … how wonderful it is to meet like-minded people through reading theirs and them reading mine! Thanks for sharing. I just happened to wander onto your blog …

    I am reminded of an author talk I attended two nights ago (in Detroit, Michigan). Dr. Lisa Hinz wrote a book called The Expressive Therapies Continuum. She was talking about enriching your life. She would like your page, here! She (and your page) reminded me how important it is to “find your flow” slow down and to feed your seven different hungers: eye (visual stimulation), nose (scents), auditory (music), heart, mind, and finally stomach and cellular hunger. In other words, life is about (as you so eloquently wrote) seeking an “ah-ha” moment…or some inspiration in nature, music, art or in any other creation or achievement…or even a laugh to keep it all in perspective.

    Thanks for the second reminder in two days! I guess I needed it.

  97. You have an awesome blog! I would like to nominate you for the Kreativ Blogger Award (if you do the whole blogger award thing). I truly believe that you consistently produce quality work!

  98. David,
    I have been following your post for a couple months now and I have to tell you that it has been so validating and affirming. I look forward to every single one of your posts and hope that some day I can be as wise as you!

    Thanks for the great wisdom you share and for being such an inspiration for many of us.

    • Hi Paula. I’m humbled by your kind words. As to “wise”, I’m not so sure I deserve that label – constant learner is probably closer to reality. Thank you so much for sharing. You made my day. Dave

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    • Thank you so much Genie. I’m humbled that you think enough of my ramblings and posts to nominate me. I’ve only been at it 6 months or so. Let’s see if I can sustain this. Appreciate it very much. Thanks again. Dave

  103. Hello David, I have nominated you again. This time for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. I know that you not participate in the Blog Award ritual, but I just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated.

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    Truth is beauty . . . thanks for sharing and creating beauty in our lives, Dave.

  106. I love your blog. This Sunday I awarded the Dandelion Award to you. There is no strings attached for the Dandelion Award, it just marks one quality blog a week. You can use the Dandelion Award image if you wish. The review of your blog, and why you were chosen is here:

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    Hi David, You’re so right! Share, teach, learn.. Let the people grow.. Greetz, Summer

  108. I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award!
    all the best!

  109. David, thank you for stopping by my blog and liking. I enjoyed the Seth Godin quote. Part of my transformation was just in that piece. Who was I blogging for? Once it became it became personal, it became real, less daunting, and more humbling.

    Take care,


    • Hi Ivon. Yes. This was the same experience for me. That once you remove your ego from the process and focus on what inspires or impacts you, it becomes a real awakening and (as you say it) a most humbling experience. It has all been an eye-opener for me.

  110. foroneplease says:

    Hi David, I know you’re aware of the ‘very inspiring blogger’ award I nominated you for, but I owe you an official message, so here goes.. Thanks for your inspiring words :)

  111. David – seriously thanks for the inspiration. I love what you post – your own writing and your ability to post the best from other sources. Today I nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award. Maybe others have done the same – you deserve it.
    – Michael

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  113. I’m a little embarrassed to say that before today I hadn’t heard of Ootischenia…and I have lived in BC all my life! You have a great site here…I’ll be following with interest…


  114. I love your blog and have nominated you for several awards! Please don’t feel obligated to participate – just know that you are appreciated. Here’s the post: http://newsofthetimes.org/2012/08/28/tuesday-tunes-ramble-on-and-awards-galore/ Keep up the great work!

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  116. Hello!! I am enjoying discovering your thoughts and agree on the issue of audience and who you write for. To be authentic you must write of things you feel and care about or want to learn. I guess then the audience finds you. When I used to keep a journal before there was such a thing as blogging, that was an issue I contemplated quite a bit. Do I write as a catharsis only for me, do I write for whatever offspring might be tempted to pick up such a volume and curiously read after my demise, am I warming up for a book? What? I do love getting perspective from others though as it fills up life much more positively than the news.

  117. Enjoyed your post one more time…. Thank you for doing what you do!

  118. Thanks for following my blog, David. I love what you wrote in your About page. You seem like a man of integrity, someone with pure intentions. You have a great positive energy and I look forward to reading more.
    just a little sidebar… My son in-law is from Victoria BC. It’s beautiful there. I actually think I may end up moving there so that I could be closer to my daughter.

    • Hi. Thank you for your kind words. My brother lives just north of Victoria in Comox. Victoria and Vancouver Island are wonderful – a paradise. You’d be blessed to be able to live there. Hope it all works out for you. Thanks for dropping by.

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    I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. For the details, you can see it on my blog here: http://klling.wordpress.com/2012/10/25/my-first-one-lovely-blog-award-nomination/

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  120. Nice personal profile–I too grew up in a (less) small town in B.C. and can appreciate the scale of change and ambition required for you to end up in such a different world. I will explore your blog a bit.

  121. THANKS for visiting my “pun-ny” photoblog and leaving a “like.” I can’t help hearing plants, animals, and objects “talking.”
    –John R.: http://TheDailyGraff.com

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    Visiting via Misifusa’s Blog.

  124. David, a long overdue note to thank you for the various award nominations you have sent my way across the year – http://anakegoodall.wordpress.com/unawards/. it is an honour indeed to receive these from the blogmeister! very warmest regards …

    • Smiling. Thank you Anake. Unnecessary but nonetheless appreciated. As I stated previously, your blog posts start my day each morning. I appreciate our virtual friendship. Happy Holidays my friend. And as you say, Namaste. Dave

  125. Dave, I’ve nominated you for the “Family of Bloggers” Award. My list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include you. Thanks again for including me among your nominees. To see the nomination, visit http://anotherlovelyday.wordpress.com/2012/12/13/overdue-thank-yous-awards-and-a-little-winnie-the-pooh.

    Thanks so much for your friendship and followship.

    ~ Sandy

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    I’ve nominated you for the Blog of the Year Award 2012! Thank you for being a great supporter. Keep up the great work, you blog inspires me!

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  128. David, Quick question. What did you do to get the symbols for facebook, Twitter… on your home page? (The symbols after , follow via.) I have not been able to figure that out. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks, Kristin

  129. Dave — Here’s another nomination for the “Blog of the Year” Award to add to your collection. :o) Thanks again for including me in your list of nominees. To see the post, visit: anotherlovelyday.wordpress.com/2012/12/26/thank-you/. I hope you have an awesome 2013!
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  131. David, today you are the recipient of the Super Sweet Blogging Award! (http://abundelic.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/super-sweet-blogging-award/). I love your photos of unique places around the world and your quotes. I love your blog and look forward to seeing what you have to share each day! Thanks for your inspiration!

  132. cool!

  133. ciao! luvFAB blog.

  134. Yeah, life…the big learning curve. So curved you often end up going around the bend trying to figure it out right?
    AD in Paradise suggested I pop over for a read at your spot.
    I’m glad I did.

  135. Hi David, Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog! I was happy to have discovered your site tonight!
    I look forward to visiting here often.

  136. Hi there! I have nominated your blog for the REALITY Award at http://tinylessonsblog.com/2013/05/11/time-for-gratitude-and-thanks/. But don’t panic, it’s a light-touch award with no rules, just appreciation :)

  137. Great blog. Found you via bodhisattvaintraining. Love the Canadian maple leaf. Miss living in Toronto. Now in sunny northern California. Can’t complain about the weather, really. See you in the blogosphere!

  138. Long time no see David, I hope you are doing well! I missed your posts, so glad to be back! :)

  139. I’ve just nominated you for an award! ;-) Great blog! Jenny

  140. Look who I found. Good Morning, David. I can’t imagine you dieting when this picture looks weightless. As my motto is : Keep calm and keep on blogging. Perpetua.

  141. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for the follow. You have a fun and interesting blog here, I’m looking forward to looking around to see what I’ve missed.

  142. I stumbled across your blog today and am enjoying the read. Nicely done! Blessings!

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    Your blog has been a source of inspiration to me, so I would be greatful if you accepted my nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award. Go here for details http://makesomethingmondays.wordpress.com/2013/09/10/versatile-blogger-award/

  144. Heyy David!!! Thank you very much for liking my art and sharing them…you have a wonderful blog:)

  145. Hi David, Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog. I agree about “who” we are blogging for. I just love to blog and started this past January. -Ilene

  146. I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can view the nomination on my site: http://www.thesweetnetwork.com. Thank you for your blog!

  147. AnElephantCant pronounce the name of your town but he loves it!
    He was in Vancouver BC earlier this year and loved it.
    He reckons that you are probably closer to the moon than where he was.
    Cool blog.

  148. Your words (and pictures) are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!!

  149. You have been nominated for a Christmas Award Bouquet – see details at http://otrazhenie.wordpress.com/2013/12/16/christmas-award-bouquet/. Select one award of your choice and have a Merry Christmas. :-)

  150. Hi David – as I was reading your “about me”, I kept nodding my head, saying “ditto, ditto, ditto…” all along. I’ve loved my blog which I started just a year ago. I am also a life-long learner (one of my 5 core values – see Authentichappiness.org, VIAT survey of character strengths, a great assessment tool). I use my personal journal to get clear on issues in my life and my head. My blog is dedicated to Beauty in whatever shape and form it presents itself to me.

  151. Nice!

  152. Wonderful, David! A pleasure to read! I am glad I found your blog and look forward to following! Your words are inspiring. Thank you! Cher :)

  153. “It Is What It Is” received this. I’m paying it forward. Please, accept! TY …

  154. For some reason, I’ve never visited your About page before, David. I’m so glad I did today. Thanks for all you do for us (and for yourself), every day.

  155. Paying it forward … It Is What It Is …. Acknowledges your awesome blog:

  156. David-Thank you so much for liking my poem “The Sigh of the Eternal Glade”. I am so honored by your acknowledgement and the time you spent on reading my work. Life is precious and I am grateful for even the minutes you connected your world with mine. I love your site and your story! Blessings to you and yours. <3

  157. Hi there. I love your blog. Great work :-)

  158. Hello – I wanted to duck on over and have a look around after I saw you’d taken the time to visit Unload and Unwind – you have a great idea going here I look forward to seeing your posts in the future. Jenni

  159. Love the blog. Thanks for giving me a chance to live and learn with you. :) xo

  160. “I’ve arrived at mid-life. It’s come shockingly quickly.”

    Honestly, for me: It has taken forever. But now that it’s here, I want the rest of the progression to slow the hell down.

    Thank you for visiting my site.
    Your time is appreciated.

  161. Hope you have some time in your schedule as I’ve just nominated you for two new awards, follow the link to find out: http://jenniferann1970.wordpress.com/2014/04/05/one-lovely-blog-dragon-award/

  162. Really very nice indeed! Likewise, middle-age suddenly popped by!

  163. Your reason for blogging (to clear your thoughts) is very interesting. Great posts and interesting thoughts!

  164. Following, and looking forward to reading more!

  165. Hi David! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award! You can find more details using this link from my blog: http://wp.me/P4doQv-9K Thank you, David! Hugs, Cher xo

  166. Hello David,

    I happen to find your blog today and very happy I did! I’m really enjoying reading some of your previous posts. Then I said to myself, “Who is this guy”? So now I just read your About Me page and her I am! Seth may be a comedian, but he is a smart one,…….I blog for myself, from my heart, and like my current published book, “Addicted To Dimes,” my life now is an open book for all the world to read! As I write, blog, and author more books, I try to help, and share HOPE to others along the way of my Life & Recovery Journey……

    I’m a new fan and now following :-)
    God Bless,
    Author, Cat Lyon :-)

  167. Appreciate your visit and following my blog. I really enjoy yours.

  168. Really wonderful blog David, will keep coming here at times :)

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