Miracle. All of it. (Take 2)

…and there she sleeps this morning. No mate. Frozen ice surrounds her, and she rests undisturbed. At Peace.

I’m looking out at her. Mr. Canadian Tough-Guy.  Wearing T-shirt – – Sweater over T-Shirt – – Hoodie over Sweater – –  Northface Down Parka jacket over Hoodie – – Hood up – – Snowpants – – Long johns – – Sweatpants – – Smart Wool Socks – – Sorel Boots – – Smart Wool Gloves.

And I’m still shivering, yearning to get back in the car. A car that’s running, heater blowing.

How all this works?

Beyond my comprehension.

Miracle. All of it.

6:55 a.m. 15° F (- 9° C), feels like 1° F (- 17° C), wind gusts up to 28 mph. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT.

Post title Inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.


  1. Good one, Mr. Canadian Tough Guy!

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  2. Mr. Canadian Tough Guy from the warmest part of Canada… They’re less tough over there 😉
    But yes. It is amazing to me that she is obviously comfortable in her spot… Beauty photos!

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  3. It *is* pretty damn amazing….all of it.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    All of it. From every angle. Tired. Angry. Blissful. In the zone. Impatient, Marveling at the beauty or scoffing at its insignificance. You.

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  5. To be honest, I try and spend as little time worrying about the animals and birds out in the freeze as I can. Not being shallow — its just that my heart would explode with sadness at the thought of death by freezing. No matter if it’s nature or not. The cycle of life or not. Hope your bird is merely sleeping.

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  6. I don’t know how they survive the winters.

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  7. I’m from Toronto and I likewise cannot understand how these animals survive the winter! It’s -24 with the windchill right now, and I have no plans to go outside 😬

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  8. Using a bulldozer at Coober Pedy opal fields was a fascinating experience peeling off the rock and dirt to find seashells which have been turned to opal one hundred million years ago, as well as small starfish, mussel shells, a solid gut from a fish or animal, and even a finger from some critter or a penis from a very small man. Some of the opal seashells had spectacular colors. We had a round lump of dirt ripped up with a patterned dome on top. Evidently, a turtle shared a piece of soft rock where he had been once. Another guy found two solid opal turtles years ago and smashed them up to fit in the bucket to get them out of the shaft. They were complete and solid precious opal. I am writing a book about this guy, a Greek who robbed all of his partners Nikki The Greek Leaving Ikaria is the book when finished. I have 60000 words so far. at least another 60000 to finish it, He found millions of dollars and blew the lot , Dying a poor man in Athens three years ago. I have four other books Opal Eggs Of Fire The Opal Dragon Great White Shark Tales. and on a different plane Bernado’s Circus an erotic WW2 novel

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  9. amazing, isn’t it ?

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  10. and yet you’re still out there walking and taking photos – I’d call that Canadian Tough!

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  11. I sure hope she was sleeping…

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  12. Did you see her this morning? I can’t help it…upset over the smashing of the must have been incredible opal turtles, and having just brought out a large pan of water for my yard that is a squirrel spa (old sycamore trees with many nests). Their water in my outdoor pails is all frozen and one was licking what he could. I’m so glad you have all those covering layers, Dave, you are simply a homo sapiens without fur.

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