like a cold gem against dark velvet…

There was a full moon outside and it was the only peaceful thing they had seen all day.

It shone with an impassive beauty, like a cold gem against dark velvet, not at all interested in the human pain down below.

Elif Shafak, The Island of Missing Trees: A Novel (Bloomsbury Publishing; 1st edition (November 2, 2021)

Photos: DK’s Moon shots @ 5:45 pm today from backyard.


  1. Wonderful double foci: the craters of the moon and the twigs on the tree.

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  2. Beauty. And ain’t that the truth, some days.

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  3. One summer, at camp, we woke up early to run something up the flagpole without being caught, then went back to the cabin to sleep until réveille. When I reawoke, I was aware that I had just had the best sleep of my then short life. “Like black velvet,” I said. “I was sleeping in black velvet.”

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  4. it is a constant pacifist

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  5. Good thing you have the perfect shot for that great description.

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  6. This is absolutely lovely!

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  7. You and Elif have a connection. Keep reaching out and being open to learning and inspiration 💛

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  8. Beautiful, DK…thanks.


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  9. Ahhh, you know how I love the moon, pal. These photos are enchanting…❤️

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  10. Awh, this is ever so beautiful! Perfect pairing. Tks

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  11. Love the image created by words.

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  12. Breathtakingly beautiful top photo…like some kind of oriental talisman. (How “on earth” did you bring this into a reality?)

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  13. that op photo is one of your best!

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