Saturday Morning

Sometimes you are privileged with a glimpse of the other world, when the light shines up from the west (or the East) as the sun sets (or rises) and dazzles something wet. The world is just water and light, a slide show through which your spirit glides.

— Fanny Howe, The Wedding Dress: Meditations on Word and Life


  • Quote from Whiskey River. Thank you. (Quote edited by me to include “or East” and “or rises’)
  • DK Photo @ Daybreak May 22, 2021. 5:48 a.m. Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk, CT. More photos from this morning here.


  1. Water and light … such beauty you see David … happy weekending ☀️🌷 sending you joy


  2. Great way to start the morning!

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  3. glides – the perfect word for this

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  4. Bam!

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  5. You are a gifted soul-gliding light-catcher my friend!
    Thanks for letting me capture some of the light in my soul. ❤

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  6. Perfect image to go with the well-edited quote

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  7. What an intense dazzle it is! We’re also privileged to experience this slide with you!

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  8. Christie says:

    …when quicksilver melds…

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  9. Perfect words to accompany the pics…are you enjoying the book? Is it one to put in the queue?

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  10. beautiful photo, David, and the perfect words to accompany it…

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  11. niasunset says:

    amazing moment I swim in the colours… Thank you, Love, nia

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