Interview with New Photographer David Kanigan

Thank you Melinda!

For the Love of Art

How old were you when you picked up your first camera?

How old? The wrong side of 50.  I’ve never owned a non-smartphone camera until COVID hit. And never really used my smartphone for “real” photographs, even though I loved the beauty of Photographs.

How long did it take you to decide on the camera you purchased and what process did you go thru?

30 days. When I get Something, Anything, in my head, I need to get it done. And I can’t explain why a camera all-the-sudden became a necessity. But it did. I read online reviews. (Many)  I watched Youtube video reviews. (Many) The three primary drivers in my search were weight, ease of use and low light capability.  Camera + lens weight was the #1 need as I planned to take the camera on my morning walks.  Ease of use because I’m not much into the fine…

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  1. Wonderful interview, DK – we’re loving this new side of you and I hope that when the world returns to some sort of normal that you will manage to keep this sacred part of your day for you (which benefits us).

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  2. This was great David! She asked questions I wondered about myself. And thank you for your transparency.

    This side of you was definitely a surprise, BIG surprise,and I mean that the good way.

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  3. David Kanigan. . . One of the most interesting men in the world.

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  4. thanks for doing that interview…

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  5. Great interview, DK. I really hope you can figure out a way to keep your morning walks ‘in the picture’ when your more normal work schedule resumes. Perhaps you will switch to street photography and give us visuals on some of the incredible scenes you have described as you have traversed the city each day? In the meantime, so enjoying your morning meditations behind the lens. 😊

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  6. Great interview, great subject to interview…I smiled all the way through and admittedly a bit more widely when i saw your favorite shots – one of those is my favorite too.

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  7. One more thing to love about you…one added little bit of kinship. I always feel photographs say so much about the photographer…but we always knew you are a man of intense awareness, and now we see it not only in your words but in your beautiful photos.

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  8. Mary Ann Gessner says:

    DK…this is not about the post below….I don’t know how to write to you any other way. You have introduced me to so many people by referencing the endless things you read that I have never heard of. One of those is Mary Oliver. I have a diverse background but up until you, poetry was never a part of it.

    Today, I read this article and was grateful to you again. I think you will like it.

    Have a good weekend, Mary Ann


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