Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

A Common Grackle.  Photo by Ostdrossel from Michigan. A site I look forward to visiting each morning.  She has “an action camera made by Gitup which she puts in a DIY box with a macro lens” and she gets such amazing close-ups of birds. You must visit.


  1. and I mean it!

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  2. That is one intense bird. Clearly as thrilled with the time change as the rest of us….

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  3. Drove me nearly out of my skin….. 😉
    fantastic photo and he seems to mean serious business!!!! Do they know they are being captured?

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  4. Seriously? I just pulled the covers back over my head…

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  5. Mom wielded a look like that, could silence us in Church or turn you to stone, all in one! Great picture & I’ll be visiting the site … 🙂 MJ

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  6. what a great photo!

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  7. “I am NOT kidding…”

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  8. What an ominous look!

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  9. Bloody awesome

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