Look now. Right now. 30 minutes left, and then not again for 30 years…



  1. I am so pissed! My moon is hiding behind the clouds!!
    Hope you have a nice view, DK

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  2. It is so comforting. It will be here, when we are no more. And so will the earth.

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  3. Look forward to the next one and will love this one tonight as well!! 🌝🌙🌛🌕

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  4. It was special!

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  5. amazing here

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  6. Was stunning here, too. I never tire of la Luna….

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  7. I saw it to, with some partial clouds…the night before it was amazing hanging over the wooded low mountain…wonder how many of us will be alive in 30 years…ps the past few nights the moon so bright, blasting through the bedroom window, keeping me awake…

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  8. Two or three, Patty Maher shares in the past several weeks…I like…

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  9. It was a beauty, and rendered the night so light-filled…. Amazing!

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