T.G.I.F.: still for the count of one, two, three . . .

I’d made the appointment hoping to get advice on how I might help him. After giving me advice, the therapist, a kind, smart and soft-spoken man by the name of Jeff Pollard, asked simply, “And how are you feeling these days?” I felt my body go utterly still for the count of one, two, three . . .

Pam HoustonDeep Creek: Finding Hope in the High Country 

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  1. Tired my friend.

    …very tired.

    Take care


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  2. Anonymous says:

    “How are you feeling today”. I feel I’ve been raised in a culture to respond, “fine”. And it’s tsken some time for me to actually respond truthfully, “ maybe not do good today”. Or even””, “ overwhelmed.” A pair, self assessment and acknowledgment that it’s not only “ ok” to feel my emotions but to hear myself say them out loud is the only way I can feel real and unashamed.

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  3. Sometimes it takes just that one short question, with the answer honestly considered, to break open the dam

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  4. Have been there, done that…. it‘s that moment of standing back from oneself, considering…..

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  5. Relax... says:

    Like receiving loving permission from another human being to be a bit broken. Nothing can be more healing.

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  6. And you, how are you feeling? Or I’ll translate exactly how we say is,
    What is the color of your being/soul/heart today?

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  7. That question, when posed sincerely, can make one feel seen and heard.
    I’m with you on the feeling tired.
    May your weekend be restful, DK

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  8. ever grateful for your referrals by quote… this book looks to be a good one!
    Happy weekend 🙂

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  9. So important to give space to each other. To see past the rehearsed universal, “I’m fine” and pause for the truth to respond. Sending you a big hug Mr K 💐

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