T.G.I.F.: Let’s Go Bert Box

Watch Bird Box on Netflix. (via Your Eyes Blaze Out)


  1. You’ve found the one post I cannot possibly comment to (no TV, no Netflix)…. I’m sorry! 😉
    (wishing you a great Friday!)

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  2. this is hilarious! looks much more watchable

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  3. Ha! And a Scary movie 😬

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  4. Lol


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    A much needed smile … humor makes the day! My fave … Bert and Ernie!

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  6. I made it 30 minutes in and unplugged the TV.

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  7. Valerie Meluskey says:

    This photo gets a laugh out loud. Oh-h everyone deserves the adorable humor of Sesame Street characters! Kiki, hope you’re not deprived of all SS…Miss Piggy!? Elmo!?
    By the way, didn’t everyone play a game when you were a child and pretend you were blind or simply couldn’t see? I remember getting tired of the game pretty quickly.

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  8. Hah! This I think I could watch… as for Bird Box… a bit of a chicken, am I…I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it…

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  9. Great entertainment, DK; I was thoroughly engrossed – and I don’t normally like scary movies. I think the absolute nonsense aspect allowed me to view it – all the way through.
    4 stars!

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  10. I don’t watch much TV either, so I have resisted watching Bird Box until now. But, if those of your readers above who don’t normally watch horror are giving it 4 stars, then I suppose I should give it a go! Brenda watched it and quite enjoyed it, and she is not a horror flick kind of girl either, but she wants to see the Bert and Ernie version now too!

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