Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call

“People get up, they go to work, they have their lives, but you never see the headlines say, ‘Six billion people got along rather well today.’ You’ll have the headline about the 30 people who shot each other.”

~ John Malkovich

John Gavin Malkovich59, was born in Christopher, Illinois.  His paternal grandparents were Croatian. He is an American actor, producer, director, and fashion designer. Over the last 30 years of his career, Malkovich has appeared in more than 70 motion pictures. For his roles in Places in the Heart and In the Line of Fire, he received Academy Award nominations. He has also appeared in critically acclaimed films such as Empire of the SunThe Killing FieldsDangerous LiaisonsOf Mice and MenBeing John Malkovich, and RED, and has produced numerous films, including Juno and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Image Source: m.antena.ro portrait of John Malkovich


  1. Tuesday is coming early, but that oka6 with JM’s message. Lets all get along as we return to work, school, schedules, and the stress of the change in calendar ❣️

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  2. Tuesday Morning Wake-up call on a Monday early evening. And why not? It is a holiday Monday, after all. One is allowed to break rules and such…

    OK… back to your post with the wonderful John Malkovich. I had no idea he designed fashion as well! And I have to agree with him. It is why I no longer watch the news. I would rather hear about 6 billion people getting along rather well instead of 30 people who shot each other…

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  3. Are you in Tokyo?

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  4. Somewhere in the world is Tuesday.

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  5. So true, David… But, it’s not ‘newsworthy’!!!

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    • Carolyn; this is what I always say – it has to be terrible or else nobody is interested. SADLY!

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      • Yes indeed, Kiki; this is a sad illustration of our news reporters. How wonderful a little ‘balance’ would be!

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        • Carolyn – I would not say it’s the reporters nor their reporting. It’s the fact that human beings are so ‘conditioned’ that only the ‘strongest’ food appeals to them. Sadly, that ‘strong’ food is hardly ever a positive food and the palates of readers is so jaded (dulled/weary/fed up…) that only the strongest ‘tastes/perfumes/shocks’ pass the tongue. It depresses me regularly, that cynical attitude and the talk of ‘fake news’….

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          • I believe that cynical attitude and the talk of ‘fake news’ is a rather recent event, Kiki. We in Australia are far removed from this cynical overt appearance of ‘fake news’, for now. Unfortunately, we have a terrible habit of catching up, even though to a lesser extent, with countries such as the U.S.
            I can certainly appreciate the dissatisfaction of the current shambolic accounting between the news reporters and the news makers (particularly political).
            One can only use one’s common sense to evaluate truth from fiction; goat from lamb.
            I do, however, remain true to the protestation for a more ‘balanced’ reporting between the sad and bad happenings, and the more uplifting.

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    • Yes. You are both sadly correct.

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  6. What strikes me here most personally is JM‘s age. I always gave him quite a few more years…. he seemed to be wise and ‚different‘ (in a good way) beyond his age forever. And what made me smile is that you can see his picture and you always know immediately who this is 🙂

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  7. a good perspective, amidst the times we now are living in

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  8. Hope you feel good because HERE it IS Tuesday…. although your reply to an earlier comment appears now EARLIER than a later one; that puzzles me – you surely don’t comment by NY’ time 😉 (I hope or else your insomnia is worse than I thought.)

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  9. …and my DK post was for Tuesday of 2017…fine with me if you recycle, but I got stuck on trying to figure it out…and I wish I could ignore the “news of the world” but get so caught up in it–today, the senate healthrings about Kavanaugh. Help!

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  10. Love this man and his choices.

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