Hope. And Hopeless.



Photos of the Day, March 23, 2018, wsj.com back to back:

  • Women view apricot blossoms in an apricot field in Zaozhuang, in east China’s Shandong Province. (Zhang Qiang, Zuma Press)
  •  Children swim Friday in the polluted water of the biologically dead river Buriganga in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Buriganga River is considered one of the most polluted rivers in the world. (Ahmed Salahuddin, Zuma Press)


  1. extremes

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  2. The paradox of existence on planet 🌍.

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  3. A powerful juxtaposition!

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  4. I feel ill all of a sudden – we (lucky ones) are in magnolia & apricot flower land(s) – but all the others?!
    Can’t even bring myself to ‘like’ this juxtaposition


  5. Our small city was just voted best in the South and yet, I am unable to House every woman who needs shelter due to homelessness. I suppose every place has a great divide.

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  6. I’ll take “Apricot Blossoms for $100, please, Alex”

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The ‘good’ and the bad’ … both in our midst!!

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  8. No words…..

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  9. Ah-h Mother Nature readily gives us flowers! anywhere and everywhere! And, then how can we spoil and despoil our waters so dreadfully? Reminds me of when I taught a writing class at Rutgers and used a chapter from E.O. Wilson’s The Future of Life–that morning my NY Times had a front page article on how China’s rivers were dead–with 2 whole color pages inside all about China’s toxic waterways. That was 10 years ago…(moaning……)

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  10. Christie says:

    Re: Valerie comment – About twenty years ago I was sharing a bench along the bay in San Fransisco with a Chinese women journalist from the People’s Republic..it was an interesting conversation. I saw the handwriting on the wall of the environmental impact their choices as a nation would have on their people and their water…she said that China (government was aware) & wanted the American dollar, growth, tech info, etc and they were willing to negatively impact the Eco-system, their own citizens ..///their pollution shows up on the west coast of the USA dirtying the snow on the peaks of glorious mountains…we are all aware of what China’s willingness, economically has done to the American economy, the American people…there are many cities with over a Million people that seemingly sprung up overnight. Some river systems in China are now dry,. Mind blowing to me, the destruction. People the world over just want to feed & educate their children and hard choices are made, daily. People, unfortunately at times cogs in a bigger machine…people are amazing…governments are not…

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  11. We do not, like seeing the ugliness; some other person’s pain and misery and hopelessness. But until we all, do see it, in all its Realness… we will do nothing, say nothing. So even though I want to close my eyes, I’m going to thank you. For sharing this. For showing it.

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  12. Life is like the game of poker. It is the luck of the draw. It is not unusual to be dealt a bad hand. Yet the one who wins is the one who plays the hand out regardless of the cards he holds.


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