Lightly Child, Lightly.


I have seen the sun break through to illuminate a small field
for a while, and gone my way
and forgotten it. But that was the pearl
of great price, the one field that had
treasure in it. I realize now
that I must give all that I have
to possess it. Life is not hurrying

on to a receding future, nor hankering after
an imagined past. It is the turning
aside like Moses to the miracle
of the lit bush, to a brightness
that seemed as transitory as your youth
once, but is the eternity that awaits you.

R. S. Thomas, “The Bright Field” in From Laboratories of the Spirit 


  • Photo: Book Cover of The Program (by Suzanne Young) via Mennyfox55. Poem: Thank you Beth @ Alive on All Channels
  • Prior “Lightly child, lightly” Posts? Connect here.
  • Post Title & Inspiration: Aldous Huxley: “It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.”


  1. Lots to take in here. Beautiful 🌈

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  2. yes, and please take it slow for a while ))

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  3. The quote from Aldous Huxley is powerful — “feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply.”


    I love how you remind me of things I know but, like the sun illuminating the field, pass over in my rush to get to some illusion of where I think I think I need to go.

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  4. roseanne333 says:

    Oh, how much do I love this? Thinking I may want to memorize it (a new goal….we’ll see). Your theme often comes back to finding the ordinary and by our mere appreciation, it becomes extraordinary. What a gift, right?

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  5. So much truth…
    But you know, Moses was away in seclusion. He asked and needed to go away, solitude, sanctuary. That is when light strikes, I believe.

    Being the hot tempered person that I am, you wouldn’t believe how many situations I’ve walked into reciting this Huxley quote to myself. “Lightly Sawsan, Lightly…”

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  6. Beautiful!

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  7. How perfectly poignant and evocative for what you are going through right now! It takes a poet…

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  8. a wonderful verse, needing to be reread over and over; the same with this photograph, it needs to be viewed – for a few moments.
    I found it marvellous in simplicity, yet depth and richness. Eyes closed and in the present, not anywhere else. Great selection David.

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