T.G.I.F.: 5:00 PM Bell!


  • Source: Daily Mail (via Cheetah Camp).  Tourists spotted the animals grazing in the brush as the wildlife enthusiasts travelled to Maasi Mara in Kenya. After watching the giraffes for about 20 minutes, the tour group watched in awe as the herd crossed the road. Sonali Dudhane, from Lucknow, India, watched as the giant animals dwarfed the two tour vehicles in Africa
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  1. Hey, happy hour is happy hour, no matter what continent you’re on, no?


  2. Frigging awesome photo

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  3. When I went on safari, I fell in love with the giraffes. They were so graceful and elegant.

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  4. “Just when we thought we could leave work early!!” Great pic 🙄

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  5. I was fortunate to spend a few weeks in Tanzania back in 2007 and visited Serengeti National Wildlife Preserve and was witness to several scenes such as this. It was like watching “Wild Kingdom”, but being there. Breathtaking.

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  6. freddiegeorgia says:

    It’s a neck and neck race to the ole watering hole!

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  7. such an amazing happening

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  8. What a sight that would have been. I saw giraffes in Africa but nothing like this.

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  9. The colours are fantastic, what a sight it would be.

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  10. Thanks for sharing this photo…What a traffic stopper 🙂 So breathtaking…a gift to see…/// our unplanned traffic stops are for deer or turkeys…

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