Saturday Morning

Persons who live in noise are like dust swept along by the wind.
On the other hand, those who love silence and solitude walk step by step…
they know how to break the vicious circles of noise,
like animal tamers who manage to calm roaring lions.

~ Cardinal Robert Sarah, from “The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise” (April, 2017).


  • Photo: Arno Rafael Minkkinen (via My Modern Met). “Using his own naked body, Finnish-born artist Arno Rafael Minkkinen interacts with the outdoors, providing us with curiously interesting photos that are both humorous and inspiring. These unmanipulated photos show us that you don’t always need Photoshop to create surprising, surreal-like images. All you need is a little imagination.”
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  1. good

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  2. Peace be with you today David 💛

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  3. Can’t argue with that!

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  4. what an interesting picture. the quiet holding strong against the loud, perhaps?

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  5. My (Finnish) husband’s family name is Mankinnen. Interesting. Forwarding to him. Thanks for posting 😉

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  6. I am contemplating noise this morning, considering a move, working on my Needs vs. Wants list. Noise wearies me like nothing else—the dogs at 5:00am, the blasts of unholy train screams, the ambulance and fire sirens that carve ruts in my street; the subsonic car woofers vibrating the cubes out of my ice maker; the Harleys and speedway drivers who can’t wait long enough for the open road. And the people: The couples fighting as they stomp along the sidewalk, using such ugly and hateful words they shred my window screens. The kids shrieking as they play, getting the dogs started again. I’m so tired.

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