Monday Morning Wake-Up Call (Up, Up, Up, all together now)

“A photographer in Australia captured stunning images of something one might only see once or twice during the migrating season: two whales breaching in perfect synchronization. So you might say photographer Jonas Liebschner of Whale Watching Sydney hit the daily double as he saw and snapped photos of two pairs of humpback whales breaching simultaneously only seven days apart. On the second day of whale-watching season off Manley Beach north of Sydney, Australia, Liebschner took a photograph showing two humpback whales breaching in perfect tandem with flippers in identical positions before splashing down. Pairs of whales breach in perfect tandem; photographer captures the moments (June 6, 2017)


  1. Beautiful capture, but then again, most of Australia is in sync with everything ha 🏄🏾🐳🐳🐳

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  2. Breathtaking…

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  3. Spectacular! I am utterly fascinated by these enormous creatures…

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  4. beautiful. the ultimate synchronized swimming performance.

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  5. Water ballet. Amazing that two huge creatures can be so graceful…
    Good morning, David!

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  6. That was a rare shot. Beautiful.

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  7. Christie says:

    Perfectly wondrous photos…/// you might enjoy these seven black and white whale photos

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  8. Love it! Amazing beautiful animals 💕

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  9. Christie says:

    For days I’ve been thinking about a wooden plaque of a whale, I made in wood shop when I was twelve…I drew the whale shape on the wood, cut out the shape, kinda sculpted and shaped it with sandpaper and files, stained it, gouged out an area for an eye, found an agate, golden and semi-translucent and glued it in the eye opening, nailed a pop can top on the back for hanging, a piece of folk art…My Mom who loved the ocean, loved the wooden whale and for years it prominently hung on the fire place. I still see that wooden whale with a side view smile along with the imperfection from one of the wood files, just forward of the tail fin…When the sun light would hit the wooden whale, the golden agate eye and the shading of the stain glowed….I was proud of the way it turned out..sometimes I used to stand in front of the fireplace and run my index fingers along the smooth outline edge of the wooden whale….I don’t know what happened to it when my sisters readied our Mom’s possession after she passed. I hope wither I or one of my sisters find it in a still packed away box..

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    • Christie says:

      per my above comment…ie:the “agate” really must be a piece of gold hued quartz, since it is semi-translucent…I do remember all the rocks laid out in front of me and me being a rock hound girl was in paradise…the glint of that one rock caught my eye and it became the eye of the whale.

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  10. scribblersdip says:

    as others mentioned – synchronized swimming – in absolute perfection and breathtaking beauty – – we should only be so able and tuned in, naturally 🙂

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  11. Breathtakingly majestic. Thank you for sharing. I will probably never see this in my lifetime but I will remember this photo. ☺

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  12. WOW! Oh to have been there 💕

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  13. Unique captures, indeed. thanks for sharing, David.

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