in a language no school has taught you

You heard—the song the moth sings, the babble
Of falling snowflakes (in a language
No school has taught you), the scream
Of the reddening bud of the oak tree

As the bud burst into the world’s brightness.

~ Robert Penn Warren, from “Muted Music,” The Collected Poems of Robert Penn Warren



  1. I watch and listen with awe…and gratitude, for their return always amazes me

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  2. Me three! Was listening to the peepers sing their chorus last night and have been serenaded by an owl for the last half hour this morning. Mother Earth is trembling in anticipation….

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  3. and yet, you understand it all.

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  4. Wow…

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  5. There’s so much energy bursting out … but I never thought of screaming buds. It’s a bit disconcerting – and a memorable piece!

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  6. This was perfect on so many levels. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. roseanne333 says:

    Don’t know how I missed this. I just love it. Thanks, David.

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