feel the steady pull toward your center of gravity

From Greek, Zeno is derived from Zeno’s Paradox, which asks how a person can walk from one point to another if they must first carry out a series of ever-shrinking steps, + Mnemosyne, the personification of memory in Ancient Greek mythology. How can we live our lives while each passing year feels shorter than the year before?


But soon you feel the circle begin to tighten, and you realize it’s a spiral, and you’re already halfway through. As more of your day repeats itself, you begin to cast off deadweight, and feel the steady pull toward your center of gravity, the ballast of memories you hold onto, until it all seems to move under its own inertia. So even when you sit still, it feels like you’re running somewhere. And even if tomorrow you will run a little faster, and stretch your arms a little farther, you’ll still feel the seconds slipping away as you drift around the bend.

Life is short. And life is long. But not in that order.


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  2. No words to describe how much I loved this…

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  3. A perfect explanation of life. I will never forget this post.

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  5. I see it now that I’m between the very young and the very old. Between my kids and my parents. I’m feeling the slowing down around the bend.

    I just watched koenig’s Ted Talk. Last night watched the movie Arrival, which I highly recommend. We forget that language is something we invented. There are many words that haven’t been invented in the English language. Love what he’s doing.

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  6. Life is short. And life is long. But not in that order. – Love this post David! Sure feels like time passes faster as I get older. ❤
    Diana xo

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  7. Wow. This really moved me. Great find!

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  8. Here I sit…at the very top of the cusp, that bend you allude to, and begin to ease into the slide we each say will never happen to us…but especially to me. It was only yesterday that I said it, too. Amazing…making new present days…presents as they are…can be the relief of having to leave all the yesterdays where they belong. In the amazing memory of our past.

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  9. Beautifully limned and such an exquisite description of the seemingly indescribable, and inexorable, march of time. I’ve been feeling it more keenly in recent years. There was something about passing 50 that suddenly made everything terribly ‘real.’ My new mantra: this isn’t a dress rehearsal….

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  10. i loved loved loved this.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed this video because it resonates. However, it resonated even more when I had not yet reached the age of 10. That time from Christmas to Christmas for instance was amazingly shorter each year as Christmas drew nearer yearly. Somehow at 10 I just began to accept it as ‘that’s just the way life is’. I have to tell you ladies, if you are feeling the ‘bend’ in the 50’s or earlier you are shorting yourself on valuable time to fill your potential. Personally as difficult as some years were I was happy to say goodbye to them and didn’t yearn at all for the past. Now, when I just had my 84th birthday and wear oxygen 24/7 I could be feeling the ‘bend’ but I refuse to accept it. I have a garden I can’t wait to get back in, I have published two books (2013 and 2015) have another in the marketing stage (my first fiction, a love story), and another in the beginning stage of writing. I’m not patting myself on the back, I am simply passing on a truism…Life is for the Living. Don’t give up too early or you’ll miss some wonderful things. God Bless you all.

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  12. This morning, to be in your blog, as if to be in the most beautiful place in the world. I read, I watched, I listened and more than this I was there and I felt… Thank you dear David, Love, nia

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  13. Goose bumps. Love 💕

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  14. Life is always long when we are struggling or in in pain and always short when we realize this precious moment. 🌞

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  15. roseanne333 says:

    Whoa. And as you occasionally say, “Full stop.” LOVED this.

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