Monday Morning Wake-Up Call (Draw Water. Carry Wood.)


The ordinary moments of our daily life may appear commonplace, but in reality they are not so; they carry enormous significance. To polish a pair of shoes, to serve a helping of apple pie, to break bread, to chop firewood- these can be lordly activities. Any action performed with a sense of reverence, of care and of pleasure, can become what I would call a sacrament. Zen, in particular, lays emphasis on ‘everyday life’ as the real path to the great mystery. One of its Masters, Joshu, replied to a question about the true nature of the Great Way, the Tao, by saying, “Our everyday life, that is the Tao.” It is the worship of the moment’s duration, inviolate, detached, and passionate. It is the observation of the sunlight on a bald of grass, the sight of a beetle crawling across a leaf; the worship of the day’s most commonplace events:

I draw water,
I carry wood,
This is my magic.

~ John Lane, from the “Art of Commonplace” in The Spirit of Silence


Quote: Thank you Make Believe Boutique. Photo: tapioanttilacollection



  1. Absolutely worth reading. And yes, the daily works are never that common the way we think 👍✌

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  2. Having more and more of those moments – and I do feel an element of reverence. And the day immediately gets better, too.

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  3. each act of daily work is a prayer in itself.

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  4. Add me to the chorus. The older I get, the more I realize that it not every person has to be a headliner. There’s honor and pleasure in a job well done, whether or not you’re a ‘household name.’

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Chop wood, carry water. All in the attitude. 😀

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  6. Chop wood, carry water! All in the attitude 😀

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  7. I read your posts.

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  8. Ordinary magic. Perfect.

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  9. Sent me on a search for a book from my days in Boulder CO. You guessed it! “Chop Wood, Carry Water”. (I found it!)

    Thank you…

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  10. roseanne333 says:

    How I love this, David…”worship of the day’s most commonplace events.”
    Once again, thanks. Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

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  11. When I read this post it reminded me I should be more like young children: In wonder and at everything. Thank you for the reminder, David.

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  12. Reblogged this on A Grateful Man and commented:
    When I read this post it reminded me I should be more like young children: In wonder and at everything.
    With Love,

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  13. tunisiajolyn84 says:

    ❤ this! Beautiful reminder of what's truly essential for our peace.

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  14. I love this. It’s what you do here–wake up and wake us up in the midst of your everyday life.

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  15. Beautiful words and thoughts…thanks for sharing!

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