This land belongs to the gulls
And the gulls to their cry
And their cry to the wind
And the wind belongs to no-one
The wind belongs to no-one…

~ David Gray, from Gulls.

Video recorded live on December 7, 2016 in Antwerp, Belgium.


  1. …and the wind belongs to no-one…Lovely!

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  2. Perfect bookend to your post this morning. Love David Gray.

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  3. and the wind to….

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  4. okay, i see who it is now – no one. perfect.

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  5. Lovely.

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  6. As many reminders as it takes … perspective. Not us vs. them or It. We are, as quoted from the Desiderata, “no less than the trees and the stars.” Though I’d like to add no More than, either.

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