1. Recess! Follow the leader…

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  2. did you see he is walking barefoot? next to 4 very large animals. ouch.

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  3. Caleb and his entourage!

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  4. dance like no one is watching day.

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  5. DK. No way for you to know this. So I’ll tell you (as usual…just between us). I used to live in a downtown Portland condo…but moved across town, across the river into a house surrounded with dirt to grow green things I could plant and watch grow. I moved, friend J. did not. She’s still there. In the downtown condo. We are separated by Portland streets and the Willamette River. We see each other often. Semi-often. You know how it goes. However…..every Wednesday I send her Caleb via email…her hump day at work, my hump day with my washer/dryer, hoover and duster. Caleb: our excusable touch-stone to our friendship with permissions given for….anything, everything and maybe one day…
    World Peace. Caleb. Crossing bridges every Wednesday. Thank you, DK. XOXORaye

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Hi Caleb!! Awesome photography!!

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  7. Particularly beautiful.

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  8. The two in the back are plotting to slip away when they round the next dune.

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  9. I’ve been wondering all day. Thank goodness for the camel posts so I know it’s Wednesday.

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  10. So gallant ❣️

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  11. I missed this one David, of course it would be a beautiful photo. I could have used this on Wed., but I think I appreciate it more today after the rooster thin. :o)

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