Running. A Blossom Rupturing.


It’s dark, I grope, I grip the wooden arm of the bannister at the top of the stairs. I’m about to take the first step down and here it comes. Not just one morning, every morning.

Must be Mandelstam’s Blossom. It hovers. It hammers. It is now.  It is not. It ruptures and raptures. I try to turn, to turn away to Light. Yet and yet and yet, it pulls me back. A beckoning for what? To what?

55° F. Saturday morning. I’m on the front porch. Rain is spitting Autumn, the season has turned.

Mile 2:
I look down. Gray shirt. Gray shorts.  Gray water bottle.  Gray and Blue shoes. I look up, Gray skies. Synchronicity – cosmic alignment.

Mile 3:
As if it were mind reading, Apple’s playlist cues up Bedingfield’s Unwritten: ”

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins

Mile 5:
Somewhere ahead an insomniac is doing laundry. He pours Downy April Fresh Fabric Conditioner into his Maytag Washing Machine, and it streams out the vent, into the atmosphere. I inhale April.

I exhale and inhale again – the Downy is blown out, and in rushes Zeke. The scent of the scruffy fur on his neck smothering, the body memories tremble.

The rain comes down in sheets, washing the earth, and the sweat and the tears from those whose footfalls slap on the roadway.

It hovers. It hammers. It is now.  It is not. It ruptures and raptures.

Steps: 12,511. 7.5 miles.

Nap Time.

Posted Inspired by Osip Mandelstam:

What is this dire delight flowering fleeing always earth?
What is being? What is truth?

Blossoms rupture and rapture the air,
All hover and hammer,
Time intensified and time intolerable, sweetness raveling rot.
It is now. It is not.

~ Osip Mandelstam, “And I was Alive” from “Stolen Air





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    In the movement ….


  2. No one else can feel this like you…but we can virtually nod and understand.

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  3. Love the detail!

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  4. I can feel your words.

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  5. I love this. Your descriptions are visceral. I know you often quote others on this blog. But I really like your own work. Have a good Sunday, David. 🤗

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  6. beautiful. A deserved nap David. ❤
    Diana xo

    Some people feel the rain. Some people just get wet.

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  7. The “velcro dog” still with you. Always with you…in spirit and heart.

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  8. For me it’s the smell of a salty pretzel or a corn chip….my first Dobe’s feet always smelled like a baking pretzel. To this day, the minute I catch that scent, I am whipped back in time to a beautiful, 90 lb. red Dobe laying by my side for days on end after my surgery, never moving except to see me safely to the bathroom and back to bed again. He was my heart….

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  9. Beautiful writing. Knowing what is beckoning, calling us, is our gift, to live our life with arms wide open..and maybe today Mr K is where your book begins? 🙏🏻

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  10. i love the synchronicity of the gray, ties in nicely with what was going on in your gray matter and the gray area between what you do and what you want to do.

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  11. You so beautifully share the depth of your life in the moment…”Today is where your book begins” for some time, it been forming in your experiences.of living, capturing the feelings and thoughts, stringing them like pearls…exposing, gifting… keep being curious, keep gathering, keep sharing and keep being wonderful, you….

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  12. You are welcome…your grasp of pulse, resonates…

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  13. I knew what was coming after reading the very first line…big lump in my throat with these stories, so filled with heartache. I know that feeling. 😦

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  14. Powerful. Heartfelt. Beautiful. Poignant.

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  15. Everyone else has said it, but *MAN*! You grab us by the reptile brain and shove our faces in your moment. Every sense is OPEN.

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  16. I was there. And that was a gift. Right there.

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  17. I will never look at rain the same way again, ever!

    Why point to the pain in your heart when you can rip your chest open and hold your heart in the palms of your hands. Wow…
    Beautifully written.

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